10 Questions with Yasmine Palmer

1.Who are you?
My name is Yasmine Palmer and I am a 2L from Chantilly, Virginia. I graduated from William & Mary in 2018, with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Three fun facts about me: (1) I’m a first generation American, (2) I attempted studying for the LSAT when I was a sophomore in high school and promptly changed my mind after trying my hand at a logic game section, and (3) I hate avocados but love guacamole.

2. What are you reading right now?
At this very moment, I am reading about Fourth Amendment seizures in preparation for my next Criminal Procedure class. My leisurely reading has, admittedly, fallen victim to school assignments.

3. What is your Cheese Shop order?
Chicken salad on French bread with House dressing and cheddar cheese (but if I’m leaving the law school to buy food, I’m most likely going to go to Chipotle).

4. Favorite study spot in the law school?
One of the single-seater tables in the second floor reading room, close to the big windows.

5. Who is your legal idol?
I don’t have one, to be honest. My favorite girl boss, however, is definitely my mother. S/o Mrs. Palmer.

6. What is your go-to at Aromas?
Drink: Hot Apple Pie (warm apple cider drink)
Snack: cinnamon & raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese

7. Favorite arbitrary law?
Arkansas has a law (AR § 1-4-105) that explains how to pronounce the state name properly. Guess it was mispronounced one too many times!

8. Favorite spot to eat in town?
Craft 31. They have great burgers, fries, and mixed drinks.

9. One thing you wish you would have known before applying to law school.
I wish I had known the LSAC admission predictor is not always accurate. Don’t let it scare you away from applying to schools in the “red zone”!

10. Your motivation for law school.
Attending law school has been my dream since I was 10 but I started developing reasons other than an appreciation for a good debate once I got to college. As I read and learned more about politics, economics, human rights, and more from an international perspective, I noticed how important law was to the overall functions of international relations. I’ve been into international law ever since!