Public Service Fund Trivia Night


R GallagherBy Ryan Gallagher, Class of 2019

William & Mary Law School’s Public Service Fund holds a Trivia Night every year during the first week of class. At Trivia Night, William & Mary students, faculty, and staff attempt to show why they should have been selected for “Jeopardy!” over beers and pizza.  Trivia Night has been a great way to support PSF and engage in a friendly trivia showdown.

PSF’s Trivia Night is also a great way to get to know your peers, professors, and faculty members. Participants must compete as a team of four to six, but people can register as free agents and end up on a random team.  In fact, I know of classmates that registered as free agents who later became good friends with the three other students on their team.  PSF Trivia Night has been a fantastic, relaxing way to interact with new classmates outside of the law school during a time when everyone is adjusting to the new and crazy environment.

Professors come to Trivia Night—as either a professor-only team, or a mixed bag—and are just as competitive as the students. It is always interesting to see the otherwise stoic and astute professors boo, hiss, and holler over a wrong answer.  In fact, the hilarious Professor Adam Gershowitz has hosted the event the past two years.  Apart from his jokes at our expense, I especially enjoyed going to Trivia Night my first year because it gave me an opportunity to interact with Professor Gershowitz, who was my Criminal Law professor at the time.

Though I have attended and lost twice, PSF’s Trivia Night is always a fun time. The money raised (five dollars per participant) goes to the Public Service Fund, which is a student-run organization that has provided fellowship to students who take unpaid summer internships.  Having fun and giving to a good cause makes me excited for next year’s PSF Trivia Night, even though my team will probably come up short again!