My Guide to the Best Food in Williamsburg

alsawafby Sami Alsawaf, Class 2017

After living in Williamsburg for almost three years, I’ve had the chance to sample some of the different places to eat here in Williamsburg. Now, I know what you’re thinking: doesn’t everyone in Williamsburg just eat cured ham and peanuts all the time? Not the case! There’s plenty of good places to eat in Williamsburg, and with my refined palate and the collective wisdom of all my friends, I present to you my best places to eat in Williamsburg for each meal.


bcMy favorite place to eat brunch is Baker’s Crust. Baker’s Crust is a Hampton Roads favorite and has pretty much anything you could want for breakfast or lunch, depending on your mood. I’m partial to the West Coast omelet—delicious and cheesy and served with hash browns (I technically think they’re home fries, but I’ll let bygones be bygones). Also, the Baltimore Eggs Benedict is amazing, which is topped with, you guessed it, crab. I’ve also heard good things about their Buttermilk Fried Chicken tacos and can attest to the fact that their house-made Parmesan chips are fantastic.

Runners up: Honey Butters, Five Forks, Shorty’s (full disclosure, I’ve never been to the last two, but they’re on my Williamsburg bucket list).


Alright, I got into disagreement with friends over the best places to eat for lunch, so I’m going to give you all three places we picked. My pick is Ichiban. There’s a great unlimited sushi buffet at lunch, that includes things like edamame and spring rolls. For only $13, it’s a fantastic deal for some quality sushi. It’s my go to place after a four hour exam.

If you’re feeling like sushi or maybe hibachi or even ramen, there’s a relatively new place within walking distance from the Law School called Oishii. The food is good, but they also have bubble tea, my new favorite thing.

cheese shopThe Cheese Shop also deserves a mention. They have simple but good sandwiches and also have a lot of fun snacks too. Make sure you get yours with the house dressing. It’s also walking distance to the law school and right next to a candy shop—essential for finals studying.

Runners up:  Dog Street Pub and Aromas (all walking distance from the Law School)


It’s a tie. My two favorite places are Food for Thought and Second Street American Bistro. Food for Thought has pretty much any and every cuisine you could ever want—from pot roast to meat loaf and pad thai to cheese grits. Usually, when I see a place with such an expansive menu, I think they have to be doing something wrong because no one can get everything right. Let me tell you right now that this place can do it. I’ve gone with friends and family, and no one has ever been unhappy with their order. The restaurant is also themed, and has quotes on the wall and fun fact cards on the tables.

Second Street has classic American fare with a modern twist. They have both a signature and a seasonal menu—so you can get the same thing every time if you know what you love, or you can mix it up. Here’s a couple of the things I’ve sampled and can tell you that they are amazing: the homemade chips with pimento cheese (trust me), the grilled salmon, the ahi tuna, and the shrimp and grits. And, best of all, there’s free mini cookies at the end if you don’t feel like a full dessert, but the desserts are also great.

Runner up: Blue Talon

Late Night Snacks

For William & Mary Law students, it’s all about the cheese fries. I’ve sampled cheese fries at three different locations, and I have to be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of them. They’re a perfect way to end the night. Green Leafe, Paul’s Deli, and Brickhouse (all right next to each other) are the places you want to go.

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