Why I Chose William & Mary

kaiserby Alyssa Kaiser, Class of 2019

Looking back now, there were many factors at play that led me to choose to attend William & Mary for law school – and I have to say, I am still so happy with my decision. My career and locational goals certainly had something to do with why I applied to William & Mary, as was my interest in constitutional and election law. W&M has an outstanding reputation for my practice area interests and also has great connections into the Washington, D.C. market. So, applying to W&M was an obvious choice for me.

I sent out all of my applications around the same time, but William & Mary was the first school to admit me, just a few days before my birthday! I remember being so excited by the personal note on my acceptance letter, and as my other acceptance letters rolled in, nothing seemed as special as the acceptance from W&M because of that personal touch. Shortly after, I received a phone call from a current student to congratulate me, and then eventually received more correspondence from the Law School – this time with a notepad. I know that it may seem silly, but I really appreciated this extra effort because I am a firm believer myself that extra effort truly does go a long way, and I wanted to go to a law school that had similar beliefs.

I decided to attend Admitted Students Weekend, solidifying my decision. I had the opportunity to speak with professors, current students, and other future students who were also making decisions about law school. I met my future roommate and best friend at Admitted Students Weekend, and it just seemed like all the pieces were falling together.  I wound up buying a W&M Law School sweatshirt after the weekend was over and left with a big smile on my face.

After I got home, reality set in and I still had to make up my mind about where I was going to spend the next three years of my life. One piece of advice that wound up having an impact on my decision was this – law school is stressful enough, choose a place that isn’t stressful. What it comes down to is that William & Mary stood out because of the extra effort they made in the Admissions process, and I believed that this extra effort would be present in my education, too. As a current student, I can honestly say that William & Mary actually cares about every student, and I am so grateful that the overall good vibes from W&M in my decision process led me to become a member of the Tribe!

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