Citizen Lawyer 2.0 Seminar

by Dakota Newton, Class of 2018 Law school is mostly about books. There are books of cases, books of regulations, books of statutes, and books that you should have finished reading already. But being a lawyer is about more than just knowing what … [Continue reading]

License to …. Bid

by Blake Willis, Class of 2018 Law School can be a lot, but its important to remember to take a break, and that’s just what several hundred students did on Saturday night at The Public Service Fund (PSF) Annual Auction. Each Spring, the Law … [Continue reading]

Interviews galore at the Government & Public Interest Interview Program

by Emily Bork, Class of 2018 Interview season is officially under way for the 1L class! Freshly geared with helpful feedback from our mock interviews with W&M alumni last month, my fellow 1Ls and I have been busy with applying and meeting with … [Continue reading]

Great Speakers Visit W&M Law

by Garrett King, Class of 2018 William & Mary Law School hosts fantastic speakers throughout the academic year. One example is a guest lecture by Erwin Chemerinsky who is the 2nd most cited legal scholar in the nation. He is the current Dean … [Continue reading]

Moot Court: A 2L Team Member’s Perspective

by John Satira, Class of 2017 Last year, I made the decision to try out for the William & Mary Moot Court Team, and I ended up making the cut! This past week, I have been helping to judge and select new members for the Moot Court Team, and the … [Continue reading]

Mark Epley- General Counsel to Paul Ryan

by Dakota Newton, Class of 2018 Williamsburg may be a small town, but William & Mary Law has no difficulty attracting excellent guest speakers. This is one of my favorite aspects of law school and on Thursday, January 28th, we had the … [Continue reading]

1L Mock Interview Program

by Emily Bork, Class of 2018 After a few weeks of settling in to the Spring semester, it seems like there’s one thing on all 1L minds…summer jobs and internships. The 1L summer job hunt is officially upon us! With the job search comes a lot of … [Continue reading]

Law Students Take a Break from Studying to Hit the Slopes

by Blake Willis, Class of 2018 In mid-January, students from the Law School at William & Mary took a break from studying, got together for a weekend of fun, and took a trip to Snowshoe, West Virginia. During the first weekend of the semester, … [Continue reading]

Why W&M Law?

by Austin Swink, Class of 2017 Over the past few weeks, as an Admissions Graduate Research Fellow, I have responded to questions from many admitted students via email and phone calls. One of the recurring questions that keeps coming up is, why did … [Continue reading]

Making the Journey Together: Claire and Justin’s Story

by Liesel Zimmerman, Class of 2018 Every year around Valentine’s Day, Get Wythe It shares the stories of students who are in love in law school, and that number is even higher than you may think. Statistically speaking, over 25% of William & … [Continue reading]

From Paul’s Deli to New York City: Meredith and Matthew’s Story

by John Satira, Class of 2017 In February of each year, we like to highlight some of the couples that have found love while at William & Mary Law School (you can find past stories here and here). This year, we are happy to showcase the love … [Continue reading]