Pick a Journal, Any Journal

Emily O'Hara, 2L

Emily O’Hara, 2L

Most students at William & Mary will join a journal after their first year of law school. William & Mary Law has five journals including: the William & Mary Law Review; the Bill of Rights Journal; the Business Law Review; the Environmental Law & Policy Review; and the Journal of Race, Gender, and Social Justice. By being members of a journal, students can improve their writing, advance their editing skills, and develop great friendships.  [Read more…]

Internships, Externships, Careers, Oh My!

Lowell_Brooke EDespite Williamsburg’s moderate geographic size, there are tons of opportunities to find internships and externships in the area. Even better, the easy drive to Richmond, Norfolk, and even Washington, D.C. significantly expands the firms, organizations, and government programs that students have the chance to work with while in law school!

At William & Mary, an internship usually takes place over the summer, and doesn’t count towards academic credit. It can be paid or unpaid depending on the field you choose to work in, and provides invaluable experience into the day to day operations in the legal field. An externship on the other hand can take place over the summer or during the school year for academic credit. Regardless of your decision to participate in one or the other, the Office of Career Services and the Externships and Public Service Office have a wealth of information to help you land the experience you want!

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