How to Find the Right Law School for You

by Rhianna Shabsin, Senior Assistant Dean for Admission How to Research Law Schools One of the most important and most often overlooked steps in the application process is to thoroughly research the law schools you’re considering. Whether … [Continue reading]

Recommendations for Law School and for Life

by Faye Shealy, Associate Dean for Admission Recommendations are an important part of William & Mary’s whole file review and are effective because they detail what makes the applicant stand out and paint individual pictures of each … [Continue reading]

What Makes an Application Stand Out?

by Elizabeth Cavallari, Senior Assistant Dean for Admission “What makes an application stand out?”  We hear this question a lot from prospective law students, and there are a lot of components to the answer.  At William & Mary there is … [Continue reading]

Let’s Get Personal

by Faye Shealy, Associate Dean for Admission This is the first post in a series about the admission process. Stay tuned to read more about the W&M Law admission office’s thoughts on different parts of the process. Although applications … [Continue reading]

Recent Grad Looks Back

by Liz Rademacher, Class of 2016 Liz Rademacher graduated from W&M Law School this May with the class of 2016. Prior to law school she attended American University completing majors in Law and Society and Psychology. This fall, she will be … [Continue reading]

Graduation Slideshow

Graduation continues to be one of the happiest days each year. Spirits were high and smiles were everywhere. U.S. Senator Tim Kaine drew applause and laughter with advice he gave to the Class of 2016 during the graduation speech. He shared what … [Continue reading]

Michael Collett J.D. ’16 Honored for Outstanding Service to the Law School Community

Congratulations to Michael Collett, one of our Student Admission Ambassadors, on this honor! View a blog post written by Michael here. by Jaime Welch-Donahue, Blog post reproduced with permission of the Communications Office. Michael … [Continue reading]

Douglas E. Brown ’71, J.D. ’74: Actively Engaged in Helping the Next Generation

Blog post reproduced with permission of the Communications Office.  by Leslie McCullough A loyal and proud alumnus, Doug Brown spends significant time in retirement actively involved with the William & Mary community. Like many alums, … [Continue reading]

Making Things Happen, Getting Things Done — 4th Annual Leadership Conference

by Kristin Hopkins, Class of 2018 This past March, William & Mary Law School hosted the 4th Annual Leadership Conference. This year's theme was "Making Things Happen, Getting Things Done," and over 40 of our most distinguished alumnae shared … [Continue reading]

Top Medieval Law Scholars Explore Magna Carta’s Legacy at BORJ Symposium

Blog post reproduced with permission of the Communications Office. by Kathryn Broderick, Class of 2018 On Friday, March 18, the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal (BORJ) hosted “After Runnymede: Revising, Reissuing, and … [Continue reading]

Law Students Help Plant Change in Southeast Community of Newport News

Blog post reproduced with permission of the Communications Office. by Jonathon Lubrano, Class of 2018 , Virginia Coastal Policy Center Graduate Research Fellow On April 23, Arbor Day, William & Mary law students from the Virginia Coastal … [Continue reading]