Appellate and Supreme Court Clinic

by Meaghan Griffith, Class of 2015 Meaghan graduated from the University of Richmond with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2010.  Before law school, she spent two years working as a territory sales manager in northern … [Continue reading]

A 1L Looks Back

by Kate Lennon, Class of 2017 Now that I have completed my first law school exams, it seems like a valuable moment to look back on my first semester as a law student. If I were to generalize my law school experience so far, I would say it has been … [Continue reading]

Annual Thanksgiving Basket Competition

by Kate Lennon, Class of 2017 On the Thursday before Thanksgiving, first-year law students were able to get a break from their studies and take part in a service project for the community. Each year, the Law School participates in a Thanksgiving … [Continue reading]

Intramural Sports During Law School

by Kelly Green, Class of 2018 Arriving at law school, I was told that I need to spend time throughout the week on a recreational activity. For most students, this activity is watching Netflix. However, another recreational avenue exists that has … [Continue reading]

Arsenic & Old Lace

by TJ Keefe, Class of 2018 For law students, the end of the semester can be very stressful. With various deadlines looming, most of us start spending far more time in the library than we’d like to admit. Yet, as many students prepare to perform … [Continue reading]

Season’s Greetings

Holiday greetings to you from all of us at William & Mary Law School! Law students have recently completed their exams and enjoying some much-deserved rest and relaxation over winter break. Graham Bryant, a graduate of the College and … [Continue reading]

PSF’s Halloween Party

by Christie Wentworth, Class of 2018 As I’m sure you have been warned, law school can be scary. This is not necessarily for the reasons you think, though! This past Halloween, the Law School transformed into a ghouly, eerie scene. Spider … [Continue reading]

Bone Marrow Drive Pie-Eating Contest

by Kate Lennon, Class of 2017 On October 28th, the Law School yet again proved that it could come together for a good cause. The annual Bone Marrow Drive Pie-Eating Contest went into full effect during the lunch hour. The goal of the contest is to … [Continue reading]

BLSA Fruitvale Station Movie Night

by Phillip Lecky, Class of 2015 Goals of the Black Law Student Associations (BLSA) include furthering the academic, social, and professional needs and goals of black law students, and working together to foster a successful learning environment. … [Continue reading]

PSF Singer-Songwriter

by Christie Wentworth, Class of 2017 For most people, November is just another month. Maybe it’s the time to start Christmas shopping, the time to dig out the snow shovel (at least if you live in New York, where I’m from!), or the time to plan … [Continue reading]

My Introduction to Career Services as a 1L

by John Satira, Class of 2017 Starting December 1st, first-year law students can begin applying for their first legal internships. Upon starting law school, I had no idea that the first of December was such a significant date for 1L students. … [Continue reading]

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