Meet 2L Jamie Eisner!

Jamie Eisner is originally from Yorktown, VA and is a 2L at WM Law.

Jamie Eisner is originally from Yorktown, VA and is a 2L at WM Law.

I just completed my first week working at the US Office of Special Counsel (OSC) in Washington, DC.  I have always loved DC, and my plan is to live here long-term once I graduate from William & Mary Law, so I am excited to work here this summer.

During this first week, I learned all about OSC’s role in the federal government.  In a nutshell, OSC is an independent investigatory agency, who’s mission is to protect whistleblowers working in the federal government.  I was also trained in the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activity, and received a crash course on how to identify protected disclosures and prohibited personnel practices.  Overall, I had to digest a lot of information this past week, but I am eager to utilize the legal skills I’ve developed during my 1L year in a functional way.

Washington, DC

There are multiple units within OSC, and this summer I am working for the Retaliation and Disclosure Unit.  Within my unit, there are seven other attorneys with whom I get to work with throughout the summer, as well as two other interns.  Every attorney I’ve met thus far at OSC is exceptionally passionate about protecting whistleblowers, which makes working at OSC even more special.  They are also eager to mentor and guide interns, and trust us to review cases and write memos to report back to them.  Even though I have only been there a week, I can already tell that the attorneys strive to create a collaborative atmosphere within the office and work as a cohesive unit to effectively manage cases.

This summer, I am most looking forward to getting hands on experience in the legal field and working with experienced attorneys who are willing and eager to mentor their interns.  I believe I can grow intellectually and professionally from this experience, and hope to transfer these new skills back to W&M Law this coming fall.

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