Colonial Williamsburg Collegiate Pass

brownby Cathy Brown, Class of 2017

I like being a tourist.  This past summer, I had the chance to drive through sixteen states and a Canadian province on two separate road trips, taking lots of pictures and visiting numerous sites – and gift shops! – along the way.  I was excited to learn, during Law Week, about a special deal that Colonial Williamsburg offers to William & Mary students.  This gem is called a Collegiate Pass and lets me tour the entire historic area for free.  Yes, you read that right.  I can tour and explore dozens of colonial buildings and local art museums as many times as I want, and I don’t have to pay a cent.  With my Collegiate Pass, I can also get bargain admission on special Colonial Williamsburg events, like ghost tours and concerts.  In addition, I can get reduced-price tickets for my parents and friends when they come for a visit.  All I needed to do to get this offer was walk to the Lumber House Ticket Office and present my W&M ID card.

British flags line the street in Colonial Williamsburg.  As the woman who gave me my pass explained, “You’re not in the U.S. anymore.  It hasn’t been created yet!”

British flags line the street in Colonial Williamsburg. As the woman who gave me my pass explained, “You’re not in the U.S. anymore. It hasn’t been created yet!”

In addition to all the historic sites, downtown Williamsburg is also known for its numerous shops and restaurants.  The Collegiate Pass has me covered there too.  As part of my pass, I received a coupon book containing a bunch of good deals for businesses in Merchants Square – including a coupon to the William & Mary bookstore and a BOGO offer on coffee from Blackbird Bakery.  (I may or may not be planning to drink both coffees myself.  Don’t judge.)

Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg

Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg

Everyone knows that law school is a rigorous academic environment.  To maintain a healthy and happy life, it’s imperative to take some breaks and pamper yourself from time to time.  Going on “vacation” to a popular tourist destination that’s within walking distance sounds to me like the perfect way to forget about school for a couple of hours.  Especially if it’s free.

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Williamsburg Most Popular Fourth of July Destination

williamsburgHappy Fourth of July!

Yahoo! Travel recently names Williamsburg the most popular destination for Fourth of July. Who can blame there? There are many activities and events in the Historic Triangle, not just on the Fourth but also throughout the weekend.

Watching fireworks? The most popular fireworks viewing locations in the area are Colonial Williamsburg (Market Square or Palace Green & throughout the Historic Area), over the York River in Historic Yorktown, Busch Gardens, the Virginia Living Museum, and Two Rivers Country Club.

During the day of the Fourth, there is a lot more to do in the Historic Triangle.

  • 8 a.m. Yorktown Independence Day 8K Run and 5k Walk at York High school.
  • 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Liberty Celebration at the Yorktown Victory Center.
  • 9 a.m. Parade on Water Street with Live Music – Yorktown U.S. Coast Guard Ceremonial Band.
  • 10 a.m. Williamsburg’s Fifes and Drums with musket and cannon salutes behind the courthouse.
  • 12 p.m. Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Colonial Williamsburg at the courthouse.
  • 6:30 p.m. Danielle Bradbery (2013 winner of The Voice) at the Lake Matoaka Amphitheater (doors open at 5 p.m.).
  • 7 p.m. Sounds of Liberty Bell Ringing Ceremony at the Riverwalk Landing Stage in Yorktown.
  • 8 p.m. United States Army Training and Doctrine Command Band (Dixie Band) – Riverwalk Landing Stage.

Click here for more information.

Yes, there is something for everyone in Williamsburg!

Happy Fourth  – wherever you are this weekend!

French Cuisine on a Law School Budget?

by Liz Rademacher, Class of 2016

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend came to visit me for the weekend. He lives in Georgia, so whenever he makes the trip up to Virginia to see me it’s a bit of a special occasion. To celebrate, we made reservations at one of the restaurants in Williamsburg that I’ve been dying to try ever since someone raved to me about how amazing its food was: Le Yaca.

Before I go on, full disclosure: I’m a bit of a food snob. Before starting law school, I spent four years at college in a big city, where you can find virtually any kind of cuisine or type of restaurant at literally any hour of the day or night. When I moved to Williamsburg, I had very, very low expectations about the variety of food that I would find here. Fortunately, this is one of the times that I am happy to admit that I was totally wrong. Williamsburg has all sorts of restaurants with delicious fare and international flare—and often with reasonable prices, which is something all law students can appreciate.

Le Yaca FireplaceOne of those places is Le Yaca, Williamsburg’s premier French eatery. A staple for anyone in town who loves the taste of homemade European cooking, Le Yaca has been satisfying palates and filling stomachs here since 1980, and I can totally understand how it got its reputation as one of Williamsburg’s best restaurants. When my boyfriend and I arrived for our dinner, we were greeted by a roaring fire and simple, barn-like décor. The smell that hit us as we walked through the door was amazing—warm bread, wood smoke, and roasting meat, exactly like you would expect in a tiny mountain village somewhere in the Alps.

Le Yaca SteakTo start our three-course dinner, we both had hot bowls of French onion soup and baguettes. For my entrée, I had pepper-crusted beef tenderloin glazed with a Cognac sauce on top of some crunchy greens and roasted potatoes. My tender, juicy steak was cooked perfectly. As I cleaned my plate, I was so distracted by how delicious my meal was that I had almost forgotten that we’d ordered dessert as well. My boyfriend ordered a rich crème brulée, while I ate an airy lemon mousse topped with fresh raspberries. After we finished eating, we stayed at our table chatting by the fireplace, too full to move, before finally leaving the cozy restaurant for the night.

It’s always nice to take some time off between writing memos and applying for internships to enjoy some of the finer things in life. Perfect for anything from a casual brunch to a romantic night on the town, Le Yaca’s inviting atmosphere and excellent menu make it easy to do just that. Sure to please anyone looking for a taste of France here in Williamsburg, this restaurant is not one to miss.

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Aromas Café Offers More than a Sweet Scent to Students

by Graham Bryant, Class of 2016

One of the most important things to look for when deciding on a law school is the availability of quality caffeinated beverages close to the campus. Conveniently, Aromas Coffeehouse, Bakery, and Fresh Café has the denizens of William & Mary covered.

Aromas stock image (2)Conveniently located on Prince George Street—an easy ten-minute walk from the law school and one street away from Colonial Williamsburg’s Duke of Gloucester Street—Aromas is an institution among William & Mary students. I also was a William & Mary undergrad, and I can honestly say that Aromas was in my top ten reasons for choosing William & Mary Law School.

Aromas offers something for everyone. If you’re into live music and local artists, they have music nights each week and occasionally even host open-mic nights. If you simply want to get your tea—or coffee—and a pastry and run, that’s fine too. You’ll just have trouble choosing among their plethora of tea and coffee blends, or settling on only one made-on-site-that-day pastry. Finally, if you want to relax with a group of friends and share a meal, Aromas has an extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu that’s surprisingly affordable—even on a law student’s budget.

aromas-interior (2)In fact, one of my favorite things to do is get Saturday morning breakfast at Aromas before beginning the day’s work. And I’m not alone—every morning I’ve been there this year, I’ve run into other law students.

Despite being incredibly popular with tourists, Aromas remains a remarkably student-friendly location. Sure, my Saturday morning breakfast outings are typically swarmed with vacationers, but there are always students working on their laptops or doing readings. In fact, I drafted a sizable portion of my Civil Procedure outline while sipping tea on Aromas’ front patio. This student-friendly atmosphere is a cornerstone of the Aromas mystique, making it a great place to meet with other law students or even undergrads.

If you really want to become a regular, though, stop by Aromas at night. Usually, only locals and students are around in the evenings, and the friendly wait staff will soon know you by name. In addition to avoiding the tourist crowds, all the live music events happen at night.

As a prospective member of the William & Mary Law community, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Aromas is the best place in Williamsburg to purchase bulk coffee beans and loose-leaf tea. It’s not well advertised, but if you ask them, they’ll be happy to sell you a bag of that bean blend you love so much. You might just need to have a healthy supply when finals crunch time approaches.

So if you’re in town to visit the school, I would encourage you to stop by Aromas and get a feel for downtown Williamsburg. If nothing else, grab a slice of their chocolate overload cake. You can thank me when you start in the fall.

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Kingdom v. Pigge — The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

On Friday, November 15, 85 students from a local middle school visited the McGlothlin Courtroom for a program hosted by The Center for Legal and Court Technology (CLCT). The program, entitled “Fractured Fairytales,” consists of a mock trial in which all of the witnesses and parties are based on classic fairytale characters or creatures. The characters and their respective classic stories are each given an odd or idiosyncratic twist that creates a legal problem that is at the center of the mock trial. The students, at the end of the trial, served as the jury and determine the verdict where they found Pigge guilty of attempted murder.

3L Nandor Kiss as the Big Bad Wolf

3L Nandor Kiss as the Big Bad Wolf

Friday’s case, Kingdom v. Pigge, was a merging of the classic Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs story with the 1L Torts classic Katko v. Briney (the spring-loaded shotgun case). Mr. Wolfe, a relentless magazine salesman, simply would not leave Jack Pigge alone. Jack Pigge—the same Jack who previously cut down the beanstalk, killing the giant in the process—subsequently sets a trap for Mr. Wolfe, seriously injuring him in the process. The Kingdom brought attempted murder charges against Jack Pigge, who was claiming self-defense.

Fractured Fairy Tale Case

Fractured Fairytale Cast

CLCT will be organizing another Fractured Fairytale Trial during the Spring 2014 semester featuring guest appearances by faculty members for law school student viewing. For more information about Fractured Fairytales or CLCT, please contact Celeste Vaughn at

CLCT is an entrepreneurial public service organization at the College of William & Mary Law School and a joint initiative of William & Mary and the National Center for State Courts. CLCT’s mission is to improve the administration of justice through the use of technology.

Go “Mad About Chocolate”

by Lauren Bridenbaugh, Class of 2016

If you are looking for a sweet break, there is no better place in Williamsburg than Mad About Chocolate. Mad About Chocolate is located just a few blocks from the main campus and features a variety of delicious desserts. The owner, Marcel Desaulniers, has hosted several cooking shows as well as writing many cookbooks, primarily on desserts.

mad about chocolate chefThe menu features an assortment of desserts that can instantly help you unwind from a busy day of outlining and memo writing. If you like dark chocolate and nuts, I recommend the Black Mamba Cookies. They are positively divine! Another one of my favorites is the Double MAD Brownies, two fudge brownie layers separated by two layers of ganache. Naturally, the menu also features hot chocolate to help stave off the winter chill.

The shop itself is also visually appealing featuring bright colors and comfortable seating as well as Chef Desaulnier’s wife’s artwork. As if this was all not tempting enough, the store also sells wine and beer to take out or enjoy along with your chocolate.

So, if you’re in Williamsburg and looking for a sweet treat with friends, head on over to Mad About Chocolate.

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Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Fun: Autumn in Williamsburg

by Scott Krystiniak, Class of 2016

After Halloween, my home state of Michigan usually begins to experience a mixture of snow, sleet, and what would generally be considered less than sensational weather. The cold temperatures and inhibiting precipitation can ward off even the boldest and bravest of outdoor enthusiasts. Consequently, some of the best recreational activities become increasingly difficult to enjoy as the seasons change.

However, November in Williamsburg offers a much more amiable climate. For the most part, the weather oscillates between the warmth usually associated with the Tidewater region and a crisp yet refreshing autumnal frigidity.

During one of the warmer days this November, I took a break from subject matter jurisdiction and decided to enjoy on one of my favorite recreational subject matters: road cycling.

I started my trek riding adjacent to Colonial Williamsburg; however, I soon ventured around Merchant’s Square, and past the undergraduate campus. I then found myself careening down the smooth roads of the John Tyler Highway and onto the Capital 2 Capital Trail. All the while, my tires peeled over the crunching leaves, and I was left to enjoy the pristine scenery, emboldened by a palette of fall colors.

My journey took me all the way to the Chickahominy Bridge, where I witnessed the awesome panorama of the adjoining rivers.

cycling 3

I finished my ride by circling around and hopping onto the Colonial Parkway at Jamestown. I cruised on back towards Williamsburg; the James River escorted me on my right and the auburn and gold trees on my left.

cycling 2

When I got home, I returned with the encouraging thought that this would not be the last time I enjoy an opportunity like this. One of the best things about the Williamsburg is that the climate throughout most of the year does not altogether bar one from enjoying his or her favorite recreational activities. Whether it’s cycling, running, hiking, or some other activity, the climate in Williamsburg will usually offer at least a couple days during the week for everyone to appreciate the outdoors. Just don’t forget to bundle up if necessary!

cycling 1

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Chocolate Relief- The Blue Talon Bistro

by Liz Berry, Class of 2016

Every once in awhile, you have to treat yourself to a nice dinner out. Chipotle, Ramen, and popcorn can’t cut it for dinner every night. My advice? Try the Blue Talon Bistro.

The Blue Talon is right in the historic part of Colonial Williamsburg- one street over from Duke of Gloucester and maybe a ten-minute walk from the law school. So it’s perfect if you just need a luxurious dinner break…you can definitely go back to studying after (if you want).


Granted, The Blue Talon is a little more expensive than your average college priced meal. But if you don’t get Pita Pit or Chipotle twice a week every week (because let’s be real, that happens), you can totally afford to go to The Blue Talon once in awhile. And it’s totally worth it. The food will change your life. They call it “serious comfort food,” and they don’t lie. It’s not your momma’s cooking. They have pan-seared salmon, lump crab, chicken and mushroom crepes, Parmesan truffle fries, roasted scallops…is your mouth watering yet? It should be.

And even if NONE of those things tempt you even the slightest (and I have no idea how that is even possible), you should still go. Tuesdays are half-price wine night, so you can get a decent bottle of wine for ten dollars. Winning? I think so.

blue talon 1And to top it all off…let’s talk about dessert. Even if you don’t want to pay for a meal there, go and pay $6.95 for the dessert. I went with two friends and we split two desserts: the chocolate mousse and the crème brulee. I honestly wish I had gotten my own…and by that, I mean one of each just for me. The waiter brings out a vat of chocolate mousse and literally just fills a bowl for you at the table. After every scoop, you’re just praying if you smile nicely he’ll give you more. Or maybe just never even stop scooping the mousse. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Literally one of the best mousses I’ve had. And trust me, I’ve had quite a few. The crème brulee was good too, and I’d order it again…but I’d still go for the chocolate. Every. Single. Time.

So if you need a nice meal, or just a wine and dessert night with friends, check out The Blue Talon. You won’t regret it.

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Summer Entertainment in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a great vacation spot with lots to do in the summer! You can visit Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, and Water Country for a price, but there is also so much to do for free in Williamsburg.

Two of my favorite events are the Summer Movies on Prince George Street and the Summer Breeze Concert Series in Merchant Square.Movie Series

Just bring a lawn chair, some snacks, and enjoy a great evening outside of music or your favorite movies. Look above for the summer movie selection, and here are the bands in Williamsburg this summer for the Summer Breeze Series:

JUNE 19 Williamsburg Classic Jazz Orchestra
JUNE 26 Party Fins (Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band)
JULY 10 Butter
JULY 17 Kings of Swing
JULY 24 RareMixx (R&B)
JULY 31 Slapwater
AUGUST 14 Air Force Band (Rhythm and Blues)
AUGUST 21 Blue Aces

summer breeze lamp

Summer is a great time to be in Williamsburg!


A 3L’s Williamsburg Experience

Zac is a 3L at William & Mary Law School.  He has a B.S. in Physics from Tufts loudenUniversity. Zac worked at a pharmaceuticals company before coming to law school. After graduating this May, he will begin his career in Washington, D.C.

As a current 3L at William & Mary Law School, I first moved to Williamsburg in August of 2010. I quickly learned that Williamsburg has its quirks. For example, a man dressed in traditional colonial garb is perfectly suited for Colonial Williamsburg. However, that same man is ever so slightly out of place when dining at a local restaurant, pumping gas, or picking up a carton of milk at the grocery store.

I may have noticed Williamsburg’s quirks rather quickly, but it has taken me a full two-and-a-half years to appreciate the town’s other offerings. The first thing that comes to mind is my apartment. I came to William & Mary Law School with my dog in tow, so I knew I needed off-campus housing. Williamsburg, being a college town, has a housing option for every situation. Students can live in the Gradplex (on-campus housing offered by William & Mary), apartment complexes, townhomes, and even single-family homes. All of these housing options are within walking distance. I found a perfect single-family home with a fenced-in backyard from which I can bike to school through Colonial Williamsburg. I will be very disappointed to leave what has become my home when I move to Washington, D.C., in the fall.

Another great feature of Williamsburg is the food. For being such a small town, Williamsburg offers nearly every type of cuisine imaginable. I can be eating Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Korean, BBQ, sushi, or steak after just a five-minute drive from my apartment. My fiancée and I enjoy the local BBQ joint so much that we have decided to have them cater our wedding. I should also note that my friends love the local KFC buffet.  I had never even heard of a KFC buffet before moving to Williamsburg, but now no other KFC franchise will ever compare.

Lastly, Williamsburg has plenty to offer in terms of recreational activities. My fiancée and I love to kayak, bike, bowl, and watch movies at the local Movie Tavern, which is an amazing establishment that crosses a movie theater with bar fare. Williamsburg also has a decent nightlife that focuses on several neighborhood bars. For me, Williamsburg is the perfect blend of city and country.

Williamsburg Christmas Parade

by Elizabeth Cavallari

December 1 was the annual Williamsburg Christmas Parade.  This year’s themes was Lights, Camera, Christmas…Capturing the Season.  More than 100 floats were displayed with the parade route going down Duke of Gloucester Street (DoG Street) in Colonial Williamsburg, Richmond Road, and through William & Mary’s main undergraduate campus.

I participated in the parade for the first time with Young Emerging Professionals of Williamsburg (YEP).  We had members carve a sleigh that we painted red and decorated with movie reels, stars, popcorn, and of course, holiday garland.

It was a great way to come together with young professionals in the Williamsburg area to start celebrating this holiday season!

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