Public Service Fund Trivia Night


R GallagherBy Ryan Gallagher, Class of 2019

William & Mary Law School’s Public Service Fund holds a Trivia Night every year during the first week of class. At Trivia Night, William & Mary students, faculty, and staff attempt to show why they should have been selected for “Jeopardy!” over beers and pizza.  Trivia Night has been a great way to support PSF and engage in a friendly trivia showdown.

PSF’s Trivia Night is also a great way to get to know your peers, professors, and faculty members. Participants must compete as a team of four to six, but people can register as free agents and end up on a random team.  In fact, I know of classmates that registered as free agents who later became good friends with the three other students on their team.  PSF Trivia Night has been a fantastic, relaxing way to interact with new classmates outside of the law school during a time when everyone is adjusting to the new and crazy environment.

Professors come to Trivia Night—as either a professor-only team, or a mixed bag—and are just as competitive as the students. It is always interesting to see the otherwise stoic and astute professors boo, hiss, and holler over a wrong answer.  In fact, the hilarious Professor Adam Gershowitz has hosted the event the past two years.  Apart from his jokes at our expense, I especially enjoyed going to Trivia Night my first year because it gave me an opportunity to interact with Professor Gershowitz, who was my Criminal Law professor at the time.

Though I have attended and lost twice, PSF’s Trivia Night is always a fun time. The money raised (five dollars per participant) goes to the Public Service Fund, which is a student-run organization that has provided fellowship to students who take unpaid summer internships.  Having fun and giving to a good cause makes me excited for next year’s PSF Trivia Night, even though my team will probably come up short again!

Lights, Camera, Auction!

alsawafby Sami Alsawaf, Class of 2017

The Public Service Fund is one of the most active groups on campus. They hold events and fundraisers all year long to raise money for students who work in unpaid public service internships over the summer. The fellowships are open for all students to apply, and having received a fellowship the last two summers, I can attest to how valuable these fellowships are for students.

auctionSome of the most popular fundraisers are the corn hole competition, the Halloween party, and the t-shirt sale. The biggest fundraiser of the year is Auction, which takes place every spring. The theme varies every year—this year it was Broadway, and in past we’ve had Kentucky Derby and James Bond. It’s always fun to get dressed up and hang out with your friends outside of school. Students, faculty, alumni, and members of the community donate items to the Auction. Students have donated babysitting services, a home-cooked meal, or free sports lessons. The faculty packages are always hot items, such as brunch, trivia, laser tag, or a spa day. Students will get together to bid on a faculty package to spend time with their friends and get to know their professors a little better.

Over the years, I’ve won an Oktoberfest dinner with two of my professors, lunch at a local restaurant with a professor, and two years in a row, I won monthly (delicious) baked goods from one of our librarians. This year, I won a dinner for four at the same librarian’s house that I’ll split with my best friends. Another one of my friends won a “mystery” package, which contained gift cards to Amazon, Chipotle, another restaurant, plus movie tickets, and a fancy car wash. I really love the Auction because it’s so much fun to keep bidding and outbidding on a package you really want, plus all the money goes back to the students.

I think the Auction represents one of the best things about William & Mary Law School—the community. The professors love to auction off packages to get to know their students, and alumni are always trying to stay involved to help the students that come after them. And of course, the students like to auction off creative and fun events for their friends. No one is under any obligation to donate to Auction; everyone does it because it’s fun and it’s a great cause. Auction shows year after year that William & Mary takes care of its own, and I’m proud to be a part of this community.

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