Welcome Back: It’s Early Decision Season!

It’s 2019…

…and we’re quickly rolling through the application cycle for the Class of 2022! Quick reminder for those following along at home – the Early Decision application deadline is NEXT WEEK! That’s right, January 15th is next Tuesday, and ED applications will close at that time. So if you know W&M Law is the one and only law school for you, make sure to have everything submitted by then.

Early Decision applicants can expect to have an admission decision by February 1st of this year – remember that it is a binding decision, and that applications to other universities will have to be withdrawn upon acceptance of William & Mary’s offer.

In the meantime…

…make sure you’re up to date on all the latest things happening at William & Mary Law School! Here’s a few items you may have missed over the break:

2L Paul Rowley is killing it in the classroom AND on the basketball court as the only law student on the Tribe Men’s basketball team! Catch the Washington Post article to learn more about how he’s balancing both.

Bar results finally came out and William & Mary came out on top. Read more about which jurisdictions our students succeeded in on the law school’s news page.

Curious about where our graduates are now? Check out our YouTube channel for the video we put together that highlights some of our most recent grads and their first year on the job.

So You’re Going to a Law School Fair

Blog1Last week, we talked a bit (read: only half of our series!) about visiting law schools. While on-campus visits are a great way to gain perspective into life in law school, it’s not the only way. Enter: the Graduate and Professional School Fair.

It’s hard to visit every law school you are considering applying to! Graduate and Professional School Fairs give you a chance to meet these representatives on your own campus, saving you time and money. For these sorts of events, we have a few tips as well. Consider these the next time your Career Center puts something like this together.

  1. Take Advantage of These Events: This is perhaps the most important tip. We understand that it is both expensive and time-consuming to visit campuses. Fairs are the ideal opportunity to have multiple visits at one time! There are often over 100 universities in attendance; you can have multiple advantageous conversations over a 4 hour period. Take advantage!
  2. Do Your Research: Now, this seems a bit obvious, but you should find out which schools will be attending the event ahead of time. Look at their website, read the application requirements, and gather a list of items that you may want more information about. Which brings us to the next point….
  3. Write Down Your Questions: Admission representatives are always more than happy to answer your questions. You show a genuine interest and investment in that school by doing so! It also gives representatives an opportunity to follow up and maintain a connection with you after the event is over. And there is nothing worse than being nervous and completely blanking on what your questions were. Better to write them down and be sure!
  4. Be Willing to Look at Other Schools: Talk to the schools that were not initially on your list. It is almost impossible to thoroughly research every law school in the country. These events are built so that you have time to explore and learn more about the schools in attendance. You may discover that your initial list was just right, but you may also discover a hidden gem that you initially overlooked!

This is by no means a comprehensive list of tips for Graduate and Professional School fairs, but it hits the major highlights. What tips would you add to the list?

Be sure to check back next week for Part 2 of our series on the do’s and don’ts of campus visits!