Aaaaaaaaand We’re Back!

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It’s been a hot minute since we’ve been here, but we’re back and ready to roll with the new recruitment year for the Class of 2023! You may have seen that our application went live on September 1st, and we’re so excited to start reading your applications! If you haven’t even started to think about your application, though, this post is for you. Here are a few things that you’ll need to know before submitting your application to W&M Law for the Class of 2023.

Application Dates & Deadlines

While almost all of this information can be found on our website, it’s handy to have it all in one place here, too. There are two ways that you can apply to W&M Law.

  1. Regular Decision – Free to apply and open now!
    Application Closes: March 1
    Required Pieces: LSAT, Undergrad Transcripts, and 2 Letters of Recommendation sent through CAS; Personal Statement; Resume; Optional Addenda for LSAT/GPA/Why W&M Law/Diversity & Inclusion
    Last LSAT Accepted: January 2020
  2. Early Decision – Binding contract required for submission, free to apply and open now!
    Application Closes: January 15
    Required Pieces: Signed Early Decision contract; LSAT, Undergrad Transcripts, and 2 Letters of Recommendation sent through CAS; Personal Statement; Resume; Optional Addenda for LSAT/GPA/Why W&M Law/Diversity & Inclusion
    Last LSAT Accepted: November 2019

FAQs & Definitions

  1. Can I apply before I take my LSAT?
    Yes! There is a space on our application where you can indicate your plans to take a future LSAT, and we will wait to evaluate your application until we receive those scores. This includes those who have an LSAT on file already but plan to retake the LSAT. Remember, though, that all applications must be COMPLETED by the deadlines listed above for consideration, so don’t plan to take an LSAT after the application deadline!
  2. What does “binding” mean in the Early Decision application?
    When you apply Early Decision, you are stating that you will attend William & Mary Law if admitted – in short, you are bound to upholding that contract. The contract you sign states that you will withdraw all other applications you have submitted if you are admitted through the Early Decision application; this means that if you aren’t 100% sure that we’re you’re go-to pick, you should apply Regular Decision.
  3. Do I have to submit another application if I don’t get admitted Early Decision?
    No! Any student who applies Early Decision will still be considered for Regular Decision admission. What this means is that your application and all materials will still be valid for admission to the Class of 2023, but you will no longer be held to the Early Decision contract you signed, and can continue to consider other law schools once you’ve received your admission decision from William & Mary Law.
  4. Is the resume required?
    100%, absolutely, yes. You wouldn’t apply to a job without a resume, why would you apply to a professional school without one? And they are looked at, we promise you. So please don’t send us a list of things you did by academic year, or pages with 20 point font to make it look longer than it really is. Use the resources available to you at your undergraduate institution, or have a co-worker or supervisor advise you on your resume before you submit it.
  5. Can I take the February LSAT if I’m applying Regular Decision?
    No; January 2020 is the last LSAT score that we will accept for Regular Decision applications, so please plan accordingly. Like you, law schools don’t receive those scores until weeks after the exams take place, and so to allow for a full evaluation of all applications in a timely manner, a completed application, including LSAT scores, is required by the application deadline.
  6. I’m a splitter – can I get admitted to William & Mary Law? 
    The most loaded of all questions we get. When we receive your application, we’ll be able to give you a better idea! It’s a holistic review process for a reason; it depends on a number of things, and a lot of the other material required for your application can help, or hurt, your overall chances. We don’t have a chart that determines admissibility based solely on GPA and LSAT scores. If we did, our job would be a lot easier.
  7. When can I expect to hear a decision about my application?
    In short, it depends. We try really hard to make sure that everyone has a decision on their application 3-4 weeks after their application is complete. We can’t guarantee that timeline, though, because we don’t know what our application volume will look like yet! Also know that just because you’ve submitted your application doesn’t mean that it’s complete; we may be waiting on your CAS report because you haven’t taken the LSAT Writing yet, and so we don’t have your LSAT score. Those sorts of delays will delay your admission decision.

Welcome Back: It’s Early Decision Season!

It’s 2019…

…and we’re quickly rolling through the application cycle for the Class of 2022! Quick reminder for those following along at home – the Early Decision application deadline is NEXT WEEK! That’s right, January 15th is next Tuesday, and ED applications will close at that time. So if you know W&M Law is the one and only law school for you, make sure to have everything submitted by then.

Early Decision applicants can expect to have an admission decision by February 1st of this year – remember that it is a binding decision, and that applications to other universities will have to be withdrawn upon acceptance of William & Mary’s offer.

In the meantime…

…make sure you’re up to date on all the latest things happening at William & Mary Law School! Here’s a few items you may have missed over the break:

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