June Waitlist Update

The summer continues to roll on, and we continue to be shocked that it’s already June! It’s been quiet around here since the students have left and we are into the nitty gritty of prepping for next year’s travel season – but we haven’t completely wrapped up the Class of 2022 yet! We posted last month an update to our waitlist status and we’re back this month for another quick update. Here’s what we know:

  1. At this time, the Class of 2022 remains full and we do not anticipate moving to the waitlist to admit students.
  2. Another update will be posted July 1st both here and on our Waitlist Status Update webpage – we will not individually notify waitlist candidates as to their individual status.
  3. If we are in a position to admit students from the waitlist before July 1st, you can expect:
    1. An update posted to the blog and the Waitlist Status Update webpage indicating that we are admitting from the waitlist.
    2. An individual email or phone call offering you a spot in the Class of 2022.
    3. An admit packet in the mail with your noted deposit deadline date listed should you choose to accept the position.

If you have not already done so, you are welcome to submit a letter of continued interest, an updated resume, or an additional letter of recommendation to supplement your application material for additional review. As always, please reach out to the Admissions Office if you have any questions at all!

Waitlist Update

It’s May 3rd! We’re having a hard time believing that it’s already this late in the year; finals are over for our students, 3Ls are preparing for graduation and bar prep, 2Ls have made like Elvis, and 1Ls are gearing up for Joint Journal Competition!

What this also means is that we have an update for our waitlisted students. May 1st was the deposit deadline for all admitted students, and at this point the Class of 2022 is full. Here’s what that means:

  1. As of today, we do not anticipate admitting from the waitlist for the foreseeable future. If that changes, we will notify waitlist candidates through the Waitlist Status Update website and the Waitlist Update page here on the blog, and students who are admitted will be notified individually.
  2. On June 1st, regardless of the situation, we will update all waitlist students as to the current status through the Waitlist Status Update website and the Waitlist Update page here. We will plan to do that monthly until August 1st.
  3. If you are a waitlist candidate, you may still submit a Letter of Continued Interest, additional letters of recommendation, and/or an updated resume to add to your admission file. We will review that material as a part of your application if we are in a position to admit from the waitlist this year. Please make sure to submit any supplemental documents in the following format:
    lastname_firstname_documenttype (ex. Greengold_Griffin_Resume).

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions!