10 Questions with Jamie Eisner

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Jamie Eisner is a 2L from Yorktown, Virginia

Jamie is a 2L from Yorktown, Virginia

  1. Who are you?
    My name is Jamie, and I grew up in Yorktown, VA.  I went to Wake Forest for undergrad (go Deacs!), and I spent a year living in Thailand as a English teacher and backpacking around Southeast Asia before starting at W&M Law.  Some fun facts about me: I am a big fitness junky, I love sushi and Thai food, I am left-handed, I can do a backflip.
  1. What are you reading right now?
    My textbooks :/
  1. What is your Cheese Shop order?
    I’m a vegetarian, so either the veggie sandwich or a grilled cheese.
  1. Favorite study spot in the law school?
    You can find me on the second floor of the library in one of the carrels by the back windows – come say hi!
  1. Who is your legal idol?
    RBG (who else?)
  1. What is your go-to at Aromas?
    Chai latte (Aromas chai > Starbucks chai)
  1. Favorite arbitrary law?
    In Washington state, “the premeditated, wilful, or wanton slaying of Sasquatch shall be unlawful” (used to be a felony, now only a misdemeanor!).  According to the ordinance, “Sasquatch” may also be known as “Yeti,” “Bigfoot,” or “Giant Hairy Ape.” [Ordinance No. 1969-01]
  1. Favorite spot[s] to eat in town?
    Fat Canary and Amber Ox
  1. One thing you wish you would have known before applying to law school.
    Everything works out the way it’s supposed to. Trust the process!
  1. Your motivation for law school.
    Knowing that one day all of this hard work will be worth it when I’m helping to give my clients the best possible legal representation.

That One Time in a Congressional Hearing

Jamie & RDU Interns

Jamie (right) and the other Retaliation and Disclosure Unit interns

I can’t believe this is already the last week of my internship at the U.S. Office of Special Counsel!  The last few weeks have been very exciting, particularly because my intern duties shifted a little bit.  Since my last post, I went from working directly on cases in the Retaliation & Disclosure Unit (RDU) to working on a team tasked with prepping the Special Counsel for testimony in a congressional hearing.

The hearing involved retaliatory practices within the Department of Veterans Affairs, so as an RDU intern, I was asked to help with preparing materials for the hearing.  During these couple weeks, I had to read and summarize reports containing OSC data, watch previous hearings to formulate potential questions that members of Congress might ask, and help put together binders with OSC data for the Special Counsel and his staff to have handy during the actual hearing, among other tasks. All of this culminated in going to the Hill with the Special Counsel to attend the hearing.

I had never been to a congressional hearing before, and it was especially exciting after spending so much time preparing materials for the event.  This opportunity is just another example of how this summer has allowed me to not only explore my interests, but to hone them.  Throughout this summer, I have had the opportunity to work directly on cases where I got to analyze various disclosures and prohibited personal practices, do document review, participate in witness interviews, prepare initial summaries of case files for attorneys, and participate in preparing the Special Counsel for a congressional hearing, which allowed me to engage in hands-on experience to learn more about congressional investigations and oversight.  These varied experiences have been invaluable in realizing what kind of law I’m interested in, and have opened doors to pursuing those interests.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better summer experience here at OSC.  Working directly on cases and preparing for and attending a congressional hearing (and weekly trivia night!) are only a few of many examples of why I have enjoyed my summer so much.  I am excited to bring what I learned this summer back to Williamsburg with me in a few weeks!

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