Ali’s Run

K KoballaBy Kasey Koballa, Class of 2018

Running is always easier when it is for a good cause!

On April 7th, around 150 people, including a large number of law students, endured the unseasonal cold and rainy weather to run in support of William & Mary’s Bone Marrow Drive.  This was the 14th Annual Ali’s Run, which is a 5K run/walk, to honor the memory of Ali Kaplan, who passed away in 1999 from a rare bone marrow disease.  Ali Kaplan was our Dean Robert Kaplan’s daughter, and the run recognizes her selflessness, compassion, and courage.

Each year, our Bone Marrow Drive coordinates this run, and all of the proceeds are donated to the National Bone Marrow Donor Program. This year, we had three high school teams travel to Williamsburg to participate, some even from outside of Virginia, and we raised over $5,000.  Having these participants surely upped the competition – we had one runner complete the race in a quick 16 minutes and 33 seconds, which was a full two minutes ahead of any other competitor.

Ali's RunApart from this run, the Bone Marrow Drive hosts other fundraising events throughout the school year. One day a year, Be The Match Registry comes to the law school to host Drive Day where students may register in the drive.  By a mere swab of your mouth, you are entered into the bone marrow drive registry and could have the opportunity to help save a life if you are a match for someone in need.

Additionally, Bone Marrow Drive hosts a Pie Eating Contest between law students and the faculty and staff. Each class picks a male and female student to represent them and participate – to see who can eat the most pie, without using their hands or any utensils!  The Drive raises additional money by allowing students to pay to take off or add time from specific participants.  To allow for some friendly competition, there is a messy prize for the winner!

To learn more about the race and see the results, you can visit the Run’s page here.  We hope you join us on Ali’s Run or at these events in the future!

W&M Law Makes Its Podcast Debut with “Office Hours”

A KaiserBy Alyssa Kaiser, Class of 2019

For podcast lovers at the Law School, things just got exciting. Michaela Lieberman (3L) and Professor Jeffrey Bellin will now co-host “Office Hours.”  Each episode will present a conversation with a member of the faculty or other notable expert to explore an interesting topic.

Professor Eric Chason discussed Bitcoin on Episode 1, which is definitely something I see on the news all the time but do not understand “what the deal is.” I still am not sure I understand, but I now know Bitcoin is not similar to a token in Mario Cart, so, progress was made. Let’s just say I am on board with Michaela’s sentiment that she only understood about 40% of the conversation. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the witty exchanges and am looking forward to future legal topics.

I am excited the school started a podcast because it gives students the chance to update themselves on what is going on in the world and to learn from their favorite professors. The tone is very casual and sounds like a natural conversation (which can be a nice change for students used to getting cold called). The podcast feels like an extension of lunch hour meetings, but the flexibility of the podcast allows students to work it into our schedules at our own convenience. I can’t wait for future episodes!

Podcast Logo“Office Hours” is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. In addition to Professor Chason and other law school faculty, guests have included Bill Bray J.D. ’17, who pitched for the Washington Nationals and Cincinnati Reds, William & Mary President Taylor Reveley, and Susan Herman, President of the American Civil Liberties Union. The last episode of the semester airs April 17 with guest Dean Davison M. Douglas (topic: A Dean’s Life).