On Bank Fraud & Trial Prep

2L Samy Abdallah is working with the US Attorney's Office in North Texas

2L Samy Abdallah is working with the US Attorney’s Office in North Texas

Hello All!

It’s Samy, coming at you with another 1L Summer internship update. My time at the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas—Dallas Division has continued to interest and engage me in many ways! I just want to give y’all some updates on some of the legal and non-legal activities I have had the pleasure of taking part in.

A couple of weeks ago, the legal interns in my office (nine of us in total) had an off-site excursion with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) where we learned about the history of the ATF. After that, we were shown different types of explosives typically encountered by ATF agents. Finally, we got to shoot some weapons under the guidance of experienced ATF agents. The firearms we shot ranged from small 9mm handguns to as big as tactical shotguns and AK-47s! It was a great experience!

We also got to meet with U.S. Postal Inspector Special agents and learn about their job. Seeing how Postal Inspectors deal with harmful and dangerous things traveling through the mail was very insightful. It also made me realize how basically everything travels through the mail and how pervasive their job is. My fellow interns and I also got to tour the regional office of the Secret Service and learn about many efforts to hinder and stop counterfeiting. These off-site trips have been very helpful because they show how the U.S. Attorney’s Office works very intimately with a plethora of different federal agencies.

The downtown Dallas skyline makes for a killer work view!

The downtown Dallas skyline makes for a killer work view!

I have been lucky because a trial started this week for a bank fraud case that I have been helping with since I got to the office. Seeing a trial play out in real life is incredibly interesting. I can comfortably say it is nothing like you may see on television. Everything from pretrial motions to jury selection, to cross-examining witnesses is done very meticulously. I never got to see a trial, or even set foot in a courtroom before I started this internship, seeing a court case play out in real life is incredibly fascinating. Furthermore, because I helped the AUSA’s with some of the pretrial motions and trial prep, seeing the litigation firsthand is special since I know I helped my supervising attorneys.

That’s all I have this time! I hope y’all will drop by for my final update in a couple of weeks!