Barristers, Banquets, and Brunches

alsawafby Sami Alsawaf, Class 2017

In my opinion, spring semester is much busier than the fall. Maybe it’s spring fever, but things seem to go by faster in the spring. As the end of the semester draws near, students are focusing on finishing their papers and writing their outlines for exams, but we make sure we leave a little bit of time for fun.

Since the school year is almost over, students take the time to congratulation themselves on a job well done. The competition teams have pretty much finished up their season, the journals are wrapping up their last issue for this volume, and students who have been working hard all semester are looking for an excuse to celebrate.

Lodge-Exterior-NightFirst, we have Barrister’s Ball, which is basically Law Prom. Women wear long dresses and men break out their finest suits to head off to a ballroom for dinner, drinks, and dancing. This year, Barrister’s was held at the Williamsburg Lodge, and I was really impressed at this great location.

We also have banquet season. Each journal and competition team have a banquet to celebrate being done for the year. The style of the banquets vary from journal to journal and team to team, but they’re always a fun time to hangout with friends and relax with good food. My journal, the Journal of Women and the Law, held our banquet at a new restaurant called Culture Café. I had never been to the restaurant before, but I’ve been dreaming about going back because the food was that good. Other journals and teams will have theirs in event halls and restaurants nearby.

As a graduating 3L, it’s time to hand over the reigns to the younger students. Journals, teams, and organizations pick the new Executive Board for next year, and the faculty advisors welcome the new staff with open arms. The faculty advisor for my journal invites both the incoming and outgoing staff to brunch at her house as a way to welcome the new staff and congratulate the graduating 3Ls.

Spring is really busy, but it’s also so much fun. There’s plenty going on to have a little bit of entertainment before the craziness of finals sets in, and we all hunker down to study in the library.


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