Finals at William & Mary Law

alsawafby Sami Alsawaf, Class of 2017

As a 3L student, I’ve taken plenty of exams over the last three years. While the classes and the exam content always change, one thing never does—the camaraderie between students studying together. I just ended my fifth semester of law school, and I honestly cannot remember studying for a single exam all by myself. I’ve always had a study buddy to help me sort through the material, which has made the last three years much easier.

When I first started looking at law schools, I assumed that the exam period would be a “survival of the fittest” type atmosphere, as usually the final exam is the only grade you have all semester. I started school prepared to study alone and never work with anyone else—everyone always told me law school was so competitive. But at William & Mary, I can tell you that’s not the case.

When exams start, everyone rallies together—students form study groups to review notes from the semester, work on practice exams together, and compile questions to ask at review sessions. If you want to study with someone, there’s someone there for you. Working together during exams helps you understand the material better and makes the process much more fun. After all, you can only laugh at your own torts jokes so many times.

Exam time at William & Mary Law is a great snapshot of what our school culture is like. Your classmates and the faculty all want you to succeed. If you miss class because you’re sick, someone will send you the notes ASAP. Professors hold ample office hours and often hold review sessions at the end of the semester. Many student groups hold “de-stress” events at the school, and there’s plenty of free snacks roaming around for when you want to take a study break. Exams aren’t easy, but the William & Mary Law culture helps make this time period easier. While at school, your classmates are like your family, and there’s always someone looking out for you.

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