Interviews galore at the Government & Public Interest Interview Program

borkby Emily Bork, Class of 2018

Interview season is officially under way for the 1L class! Freshly geared with helpful feedback from our mock interviews with W&M alumni last month, my fellow 1Ls and I have been busy with applying and meeting with potential employers for prospective summer internships that are now just a few short months away.

Our interview skills were put to the test at the Government & Public Interest Interview Program, also known as GPIIP, at the University of Richmond. This is one of the largest interview programs for law students in the area who hope to work for public interest agencies this summer. Dozens of employers from public defenders to local city and county attorneys’ offices to legal aid service organizations interviewed with applicants. GPIIP was truly a full day of interviewing, speed-dating style, at its finest! Law students from William & Mary, the University of Richmond, and Washington & Lee, gathered at a large conference center on the University of Richmond’s campus ready and energized to secure an internship for the summer.

Although there was some nervous chatter in the lobby before students went in to the conference center to meet with their designated potential employers for their interviews, it was very exciting to see and hear from fellow law students in the Virginia area. I was encouraged by the large number of students who, like myself, hope to be involved with public interest work this summer.

Lauren and I after a great morning full of interviews!

Lauren and I after a great morning full of interviews!

I went to GPIIP with my friend, Lauren, who thankfully offered to drive (I am the first to admit that my driving skills are not the greatest!). I was more than happy to serve as the navigator as we made our way to Richmond. Although we had to get up pretty earlier in the morning as my first interview was at 9am, it was great to take the short, hour or so ride to Richmond. After our interviews were wrapped up by about noon, we decided to celebrate and grab lunch at a café to re-charge and relax. From our lunch de-briefing, it seemed like we both remembered all that our Office of Career Services had taught us and had pretty successful interviews!

We got back on the road (but not before grabbing a quick cup of coffee) and headed home to Williamsburg. Not only was GPIIP personally rewarding and a meaningful interview experience, but it was a great opportunity to explore Richmond for the day and see another part of Virginia. All in all, it was an awesome way to spend a Friday!

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