Why W&M Law?

swinkby Austin Swink, Class of 2017

Over the past few weeks, as an Admissions Graduate Research Fellow, I have responded to questions from many admitted students via email and phone calls. One of the recurring questions that keeps coming up is, why did I choose William & Mary Law School?

I chose William & Mary over a number of other great law schools because of the chemistry this school has. I’ve told many admitted students that what I love about W&M Law is what’s in its DNA.

dwyerWe have great professors. They love to teach, and they are always willing to help you develop your understanding of the course material whether in class, office hours, or by appointment. I’ve had many a question answered by a professor in a concise email, and given how busy they are, the response time was reasonable and at times impressive.

We have great alumni, and they love to hear from current students when it comes time to look for internships, externships, and careers. If you look at the nation’s great law firms, government agencies, courts, and non-profits, you will not have to look much further to find our alumni doing great work and fulfilling the ideal of the “citizen-lawyer.”

Our journals are known widely for their scholarship, and they are likely to cover topics you care about. I have found that participation on a journal  at W&M Law is a rewarding experience that not only improves your research skills and methods, but improves your writing, helps develop your work ethic, and encourages you to be an organized professional.

Our town is known for its history. Williamsburg has so much to offer. Beyond Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestown, Yorktown Battlefield, and Busch Gardens there are a seemingly endless number of historical markers and sites that will help you piece together the story of early America.

studentsOur school is a comfortable learning environment. Let’s face it, a large portion of law school is spent in the law school building and library. W&M Law has the comforts and environment that will help you to focus on your studies. Also, a new addition that is beginning construction is going to expand on that.

Our clinics provide great experiences. As a student involved in the Lewis B. Puller, Jr. Veterans Benefits Clinic, I can attest to this fact. Having the opportunity to work under the supervision of leading clinicians, with the ability to make a real-world impact in clients’ lives, is not something to overlook when evaluating a law school.  No matter which clinic interests you, it will be worth your time, and will develop your understanding of what it means to be an advocate.

Our competition teams compete to win. Whether it’s the Alternative Dispute Resolution Team, Trial Team, or Moot Court, these organizations travel to competitions focused on developing themselves as advocates, and doing so in a manner more professional and competent than the competition.

Lastly, our students enjoy their time here. We are a competitive and academically driven bunch, but we are friendly competitors. W&M Law has a reputation for being a place where students often collaborate in classes by sharing outlines and forming study groups in preparation for exams. We all want an A on the final, but we’re going to pursue that goal with an eye toward making friends and upholding that great W&M tradition, the Honor Code.

Given all these attributes, this is a truly great place to study law.

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