The Student Division of the Institute of Bill of Rights Law

by Kate Lennon, Class of 2017lennon

The Student Division of the Institute of Bill of Rights Law, or IBRL:SD as it is commonly referred by students and faculty, serves as a chance for students to get involved in topics surrounding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We host a number of social and academic programs throughout the year that allow for learning and conversation on a variety of Con Law issues. Some of the programs hosted by IBRL:SD include Constitutional Conversations, the Scholarly Lunch Series, and the annual Edmund Randolph Award for Excellence in Oral Advocacy, otherwise referred to as “the Silver Tongue Award.”

Constitutional Conversations is community-based education project that facilitates law students going into the community to educate citizens about their civic rights and duties in hopes of inspiring them to be active participants in the democratic process. Constitutional Conversations includes different sessions for students and adults, both of which are taught by law students. The best part about Constitutional Conversations is that you can play a key role as a first-year law student without too much time commitment!

The Scholarly Lunch Series is also another way for a first-year student to get involved. Throughout the semester, IBRL:SD brings in speakers who are involved in Constitutional Law issues. In the 2014-15 academic year, we had various speakers including: Attorney General Mark Herring, Tim Bostic and Tony London (the Plaintiffs in Bostic v. Shaefer, the case that legalized same-sex marriage in Virginia), and Former Texas Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell. Throughout the year, law students, and sometimes the public, are able to attend these events, which most times include free food (alway a bonus for the busy law student). For these events, we look to our members, especially first-year students, to help set-up and make the events run smoothly!

As part of the Bushrod T. Washington Moot Court Tournament, held for law students to compete for membership on William & Mary’s Moot Court Team, IBRL:SD gives out the Silver Tongue Advocacy Award. The 2015 Silver Tongue Award Recipient was Tom Goldstein, noted appellate advocate and co-founder of SCOTUSblog. It was a real treat to have him come to our law school to speak. Keep an eye out for the naming of next year’s recipient!

This is just a summary of some of the programs IBRL:SD is involved with. Overall, IBRL:SD is a great organization because it allows students to get involved, and to see and hear about the topics they are interested in. Whether it is a long debated issue or a new legal dilemma, our organization encourages students to learn, get involved, and enjoy their passion for Constitutional Law. If you are interested in Con Law issues — even if just for your personal interest rather than your career choice — I encourage you to attend a few of our events!

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