Williamsburg Farmers Market

keefeby T.J. Keefe, Class of 2017

Whether you’re interested in stocking-up for the week’s meals, or just want an interesting stroll downtown, the Williamsburg Farmers Market is definitely worth a visit. Every Saturday morning, an impressive variety of vendors assemble in the city’s historic core. Arriving from all corners of Virginia, bakers, butchers, farmers, and other artisans bring their goods to town. Beginning at 9:00 AM, locals can stroll rows of tents in pursuit of everything from fresh fish to handmade soap. If you’re there early enough, you’ll likely catch live music and cooking demonstrations on Duke of Gloucester Street.

farmers market

I’ve been to the Farmers Market a number of times now and have had the chance to sample a few new foods. In addition to great chocolate milk, the Old Church Creamery offers small-batch yogurt that is worth a try. For a more adventurous dairy-fan, the Everona stand sells sheep’s milk cheeses that are sure to impress. If you’re more of a produce person, AgriBerry, Amy’s, and Zamora Produce all offer excellent seasonal fruits and vegetables. For protein, there’s a stand that sells local poultry, lamb and pork, and even one that sells bison steaks. No visit is complete without dessert, and King-of-Pops has that covered.  This gourmet-popsicle stand offers cold treats with flavors, including lemon basil and raspberry mint. All that variety makes for a very enjoyably experience. So, next time you’re up early on a Saturday, check out the Williamsburg Farmers Market.


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