New Year, New Blog

Portrait of George Wythe, the College's - and the nation's - first law professor.

Portrait of George Wythe, the College’s – and the nation’s – first law professor.

You may have noticed that the Admission Blog has a new name– Get Wythe It!

We held a contest this past semester, asking students for new blog names, and we had over forty entries.

Here were the top ten blog names:

  1. The Seventeen Seventy-Nine
  2. Citizen’s Corner
  3. Rule 26(b): Discovering W&M Law
  4. A Lawyer and a Blog walked into a Bar…
  5. Raising the Bar
  6. Get Wythe It
  7. Citizen Bloggers
  8. The Griffin’s Nest
  9. Tribe Talk
  10. Marshall-Wythe Musings

After picking the top ten from all the entries, the Law School community voted and overwhelmingly selected Get Wythe It as the new name for the Admission Blog.

Two students, 3L Erin Barrett and 1 L Chris Generous, separately submitted Get Wythe It, so each were awarded a $25 Starbucks giftcard– the prize for the winning blog name.

Enjoy the new and improved Admission Blog name!