Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Fun: Autumn in Williamsburg

by Scott Krystiniak, Class of 2016

After Halloween, my home state of Michigan usually begins to experience a mixture of snow, sleet, and what would generally be considered less than sensational weather. The cold temperatures and inhibiting precipitation can ward off even the boldest and bravest of outdoor enthusiasts. Consequently, some of the best recreational activities become increasingly difficult to enjoy as the seasons change.

However, November in Williamsburg offers a much more amiable climate. For the most part, the weather oscillates between the warmth usually associated with the Tidewater region and a crisp yet refreshing autumnal frigidity.

During one of the warmer days this November, I took a break from subject matter jurisdiction and decided to enjoy on one of my favorite recreational subject matters: road cycling.

I started my trek riding adjacent to Colonial Williamsburg; however, I soon ventured around Merchant’s Square, and past the undergraduate campus. I then found myself careening down the smooth roads of the John Tyler Highway and onto the Capital 2 Capital Trail. All the while, my tires peeled over the crunching leaves, and I was left to enjoy the pristine scenery, emboldened by a palette of fall colors.

My journey took me all the way to the Chickahominy Bridge, where I witnessed the awesome panorama of the adjoining rivers.

cycling 3

I finished my ride by circling around and hopping onto the Colonial Parkway at Jamestown. I cruised on back towards Williamsburg; the James River escorted me on my right and the auburn and gold trees on my left.

cycling 2

When I got home, I returned with the encouraging thought that this would not be the last time I enjoy an opportunity like this. One of the best things about the Williamsburg is that the climate throughout most of the year does not altogether bar one from enjoying his or her favorite recreational activities. Whether it’s cycling, running, hiking, or some other activity, the climate in Williamsburg will usually offer at least a couple days during the week for everyone to appreciate the outdoors. Just don’t forget to bundle up if necessary!

cycling 1

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