What You Need to Know About PSF

by Bridget Claycomb, Class of 2016

liz herron

Liz Herron ’14

As a Public Service Admissions Ambassador, I sat down with PSF Business Manager Liz Herron (3L) to learn more about the Public Service Fund (PSF) and William and Mary’s commitment to public service and public interest law. PSF is a non-profit organization run by William and Mary Law Students. Many summer-employment opportunities in public service are unpaid. PSF provides fellowship assistance to students who choose to work in the public service sector, so students are able to take the jobs they want, not just the ones that pay.

Liz, were does PSF funding come from?

Herron: PSF holds fundraisers throughout the year, and then uses that money to fund student applicants working in public service positions.*

*In 2013, over $300,000 was raised to award summer fellowships to 108 students.

If I only attend one fundraiser event this school year, which one should I go to?

Herron: The Auction. We are surrounded by a lot of talented people. It is neat to see all the cool things people can do. Plus, the Auction raises most of our funds, and it’s a lot of fun!

How did you get interested in PSF?

Herron: When I first came to law school, I intended to work in Public Service, so PSF was the first club I joined. I liked how energetic the club officers were. I liked that it allowed me to do something that was immediately helpful to students. It gave me networking opportunities with the people in my class, and a chance to see what my classmates are interested in.

Do students need to work or want to work in public service in order to be a part of PSF?

Herron: No, anyone can be a part of PSF. PSF only funds students working in public service positions, but anyone can volunteer and go to the events. Everyone should be in PSF!

Herron ended the interview with a message for new and prospective students. She advised that PSF gives students relevant experience in a non-profit. PSF gives students a chance to get to know and have fun with classmates. PSF is a win/win because it’s great for your resume and law school experience, and it’s also great for your social life and balance. PSF is a great reminder that law school can be fun, and that our community is dedicated to public service.

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