Lawyers in In-House Practice

by Lauren Bridenbaugh, Class of 2016

From September 19-20, I attended several sessions at the Lawyers in In-House Practice Conference hosted by the Law School. In-house counsel are lawyers who work in management and/or are employed directly by companies to do legal work. It is estimated that 8 to 10 percent of lawyers are “business lawyers.” The event featured 20 female William & Mary Law School alumnae discussing a variety of topics related to their work as in-house counsel.

Inhouse CounselThe first session I attended was on “What Issues Keep In-House Counsel Awake at Night?” where the panelists discussed privacy concerns, regulatory compliance and cyber-security as some of the key issues they are facing in their respective fields. Other sessions I attended talked about similarities and differences between in-house counsel and compliance professionals and the work they do as well as what in-house counsel expects from outside lawyers. These sessions were especially helpful in learning more about who does what in corporate legal work and the differences in the expectations and type of work done in different industries.

Inhouse CounselThe Conference was also interesting because I was able to see the varied fields female alumnae of William & Mary have found success, including energy, finance, healthcare, insurance and telecommunications among others. It is encouraging to see the success these William & Mary graduates have found across these varied industries throughout the country.

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