Meet Our Student Bloggers

The Admission Office is lucky a number of student bloggers, lending their writing talents to us by posting about their law school experiences throughout the year. Four are Graduate Research Fellows in the Admission Office, two are Public Service Admission Ambassadors, and others are active in various student organizations at William & Mary Law School.

Learn more about them below!

Liz Berry- Graduate Research Fellow

lizberryMy name is Liz Berry, and I am a member of the Class of 2016. I grew up in Westfield Center, Ohio and attended Otterbein University in Columbus, OH. My undergraduate degree is in History. At Otterbein, I was active in student government, I was a tour guide, and I served as my sorority’s president. Why am I attending law school? Studying law opens up so many wonderful opportunities. I’m not entirely sure yet what I want to do with my life, but I think that law school will help me to gain the necessary skills to succeed in so many different areas.


Graham Bryant- Criminal Law Society Treasurer


My name is Graham Bryant, and I’m a 1L from South Boston, Virginia. I attended William & Mary as an undergrad, where I earned a BA in English with a history minor. I graduated a year early in 2013 and, partly because I love Williamsburg and eventually want to live here, continued directly into William & Mary Law School. I developed a passion for service as an undergrad, and decided to pursue a law degree because a JD opens so many avenues for making a difference in your community. While I’m not certain exactly which legal field most interests me, the idea of becoming a local prosecutor is appealing.



Bridget Claycomb- Public Service Admission Ambassador

claycombMy name is Bridget Claycomb, and I am a current 1L. I am from Allyn, WA which is just a ferry ride away from Seattle and the University of Washington where I went to undergrad! (Go Huskies!) I graduated in 2011 and joined Teach for America. I taught K-6 special education for last two years for the Kansas City Public School District. I went into the experience wanting to advocate for children in special education and discovered that I wasn’t happy with how little I could advocate as their teacher. I decided a law degree would provide me with the tools I would need to address injustices that affected my students’ education. William & Mary stood out to me because of the Special Education Advocacy PELE Clinic.


Scott Krystiniak- Student Bar Association (SBA) 1L Representative

scottkrystiniakMy name is Scott Krystiniak, and I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am a 2012 graduate of Adrian College (in southeast Michigan) and earned a B.A. in Philosophy and English. While at Adrian, I was a writing tutor and captain of the lacrosse team.I then coached lacrosse for Ann Arbor Public Schools and worked for Recreational Equipment Inc. Attending law school was a logical next step for fostering my interest in ethics while also garnering the unique opportunities a legal education offers. William & Mary Law School was an obvious choice because of the amicable intellectual community and the awesome history in our small, scenic town. While at William & Mary, I hope to learn more about healthcare law, antitrust law, and intellectual property.


Phillip Lecky- Black Law Student Association (BLSA) Community Service Committee

phillipleckyMy name is Phillip Lecky. I am a member of the Class of 2015, and my hometown is Woodbridge, VA. I attended the University of Virginia (UVA) where I obtained a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Foreign Affairs. At UVA, I was Evangelism Coordinator for OneWay Christian Fellowship, a peer advisor with the Office of African-American Affairs, and a volunteer with a community organization called Teens Give. I decided to attend law school because I wished to combine my interests in business and economic related affairs with the study of law. In addition, I hoped to leave a perpetual positive impact on those that I came in contact with and the world in general, and a profession in the law provides myriad opportunities for doing that.


Lindsay Sfekas- Graduate Research Fellow


My name is Lindsay Sfekas and I am a 1L.  I am from Ellicott City, MD, and I graduated from Bucknell University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology. Immediately after college, I worked for a year as a behavioral counselor for kids with autism.  The following year, I worked as a Paralegal for a law firm in Ellicott City. I chose to come to law school because while working with kids with autism, I saw a lot of injustice toward the kids and their families, and I had very limited power to help.  I wanted a career where I could have the power to help give voice to people who could not advocate for themselves.  Law school seemed to fit those goals.


Liz Rademacher- Graduate Research Fellow

lizrademacherI’m Liz Rademacher (Class of 2016), and I originally from Newtown, Pennsylvania. I graduated from American University in 2013 with degrees in Law and Society and Psychology. While attending AU, I worked as an intern with several different non-profit organizations and government agencies, including the Human Rights Campaign, the American Bar Association’s Death Penalty Representation Project, and the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. My interests include constitutional law, civil rights law, and the intersection of gender and the law. My passion for public service has motivated me to pursue a career in law, and attending W&M has only strengthened my commitment to helping others.


Jenn Watson- Public Service Admission Ambassador


My name is Jenn Watson, and I am from Long Island, New York. I graduated with a BA in Linguistics from Yale University in 2003. After graduation, I was accepted by the University of Chicago’s Linguistics Department as a potential PhD candidate, but I became less interested in academia and more interested in public service and applied to the New York City Teaching Fellows. As a NYCTF member, I taught 5th grade in New York City for two years while obtaining an MS in Urban Education from Mercy College. After completing that program, I wanted to continue working for the public interest in law and came to William and Mary Law School in 2013 as a Public Service Admissions Ambassador.