Summer Work with a Solo Practice Firm in Williamsburg

Raffaeleby Nick Raffaele, Class of 2015

Nick Raffaele is originally from Clearwater, Florida. He earned his B.B.A. from the University of Miami in 2012 with majors in Political Science and Business Law. As a 2L, Nick will be working on the staff of the W&M Environmental Law and Policy Review and as a Graduate Research Fellow.

For students who prefer the small-town atmosphere of Williamsburg, William & Mary Law School offers incredible networking opportunities with our local alumni. My Legal Practice adjunct professor primarily practices family law through the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia. After discussing my summer aspirations with him, he referred me to a local family law attorney and W&M Law alumna named Kelli King.

My experience at The Law Office of Kelli King has been incredibly rewarding. A large portion of Kelli’s practice involves her capacity as counsel for the James City County Department of Social Services. She also works as a court-appointed guardian ad litem representing the best interests of children involved in custody and visitation disputes. Working in the legal field I love while giving back to Williamsburg’s families has been very gratifying. Of course, the private-client divorce work is quite compelling as well.

My exposure to litigation has been phenomenal, as I’ve shadowed Kelli to court almost every day during my internship. I’ve also gained plenty of hands-on experience interviewing clients, negotiating consent orders, drafting motions, researching statutory and case law, and attending mediations and settlement conferences. The juvenile and domestic legal community in Williamsburg has been exceptionally welcoming and supportive. I’m looking forward to working with Kelli during an externship this fall and hopefully well into the future.