Graduation Slideshow

by Faye Shealy

Today is the day that many of our recent graduates sit for the bar exam. We wish them the best of luck, we hark back upon the celebration of their accomplishments during graduation on May 12.

View the slideshow for a sense of the festive event.

Graduation continues to be one of my happiest memories each year. Spirits were high and smiles were everywhere. Many William & Mary graduates were recognized for outstanding academic, program, and service achievements during the Awards Ceremony.


The sunshine and warm breeze were perfect at the Law School’s Exercises for the Presentation of Diplomas at Lake Matoaka and the reception that followed–yes, about 1,500 filled the Law School!

Chancellor Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense, drew applause and laughter with advice he gave to the Class of 2013 during the graduation speech. Graduates were urged to heed the “duties and responsibilities that come with citizenship” and reminded “Your own Thomas Jefferson believed that William & Mary was the finest school of manners and morals that ever existed in America.”

grad 2

After the ceremony  Chancellor Gates mentioned how impressed he was with the display of joy and affection by our graduates for their classmates, suggesting that we have a strong sense of community in which our students form close relationships and have a meaningful three years together. Those who share the rigorous study of law tend to be drawn together by their common experience. William & Mary law students are able to encourage one another and they do. They support each other during their challenges and celebrate each other’s successes along the way.


Graduation is an important passage in life and significant celebration should be associated. It was for our 2013 graduates, their families, and their friends!