Experiences with Law Review

by Jenna Poligo, Class of 2014

jennaJenna Poligo is a 2L student who attended Ursinus College in Pennsylvania before heading south to William & Mary.  Jenna is a Lead Articles Editor on the William & Mary Law Review and an Associate Justice on the William & Mary Moot Court Team.  She is also a Graduate Research Fellow and a Student Admission Ambassador. 

When deciding what law school to attend, price weighed heavily in deliberations. William & Mary’s Graduate Research Fellowship, for me, was a great opportunity. The combination of in-state tuition and a yearly stipend was a huge selling point. I was also attracted to the opportunity to work closely with a professor as a research assistant. A year into law school, however, I realized I had a large number of other extracurricular interests. In particular, I really enjoyed working on the William & Mary Law Review. The Graduate Research Fellowship program gave me the chance to further pursue that interest.

Since the middle of February, I have been a GRF (as we are lovingly called here at W&M) for the William & Mary Law Review. Though my position as a GRF did not assist in my invitation to join the journal nor my appointment as a Lead Articles Editor, I can now count the hours I work for the Law Review towards the hours required of a GRF each week. The ability to transition from a research GRF to a journal GRF has enabled me commit myself to an extracurricular activity that I really enjoy. Because of the hours required by the Lead Articles Editor position, I might not have been able to take on that position without the ability to transition my GRF position.

The flexibility of the GRF program is a great asset. If researching for a professor is not something you desire to do, there are many other opportunities, as I have learned, to work as a GRF here at William & Mary. This allows students to pursue board level positions in student organizations while still retaining the benefits of the GRF program.