Public Service Fund Auction

by Sarah Lambert, 2L – Public Service Fund Co-Chair

psfThe Public Service Fund is a school organization and non-profit that raises funds to provide summer stipends to students with unpaid public service internships. We are a large group of students that have a variety of interests: some of us are all about public service, while others are more interested in providing the rest of the school with memorable social events. Our corporate goal, however, is one: raise money for students and alumni whose path lies with public service.

Throughout the year, we host fun social events to raise money for students. The largest one by far is our annual auction. Some of your most memorable moments at William & Mary Law School will involve Auction. It is a melding of a traditional auction and a “talent” show, where everyone sees a friend or two get up on stage to show off their spirit. Sometimes that spirit is pure talent and other times it is pure fun. This year we had everyone from Law Capella (our law school a cappella group) to a dance number by our 1L “Backstreet Boys.”

Our Auction items are unlike any other you will find. We have almost every student service known to man listed on there – everything from garden services to fresh handmade espresso beverages for a week. Perhaps the most interesting type of items we have is our evenings or experiences with professors! When you win these, you get to spend time with your favorite professors outside of the academic setting. We also have more traditional auction items, such as tickets to events or packages at a reduced price.

At the end of this years Auction I drove off with my small car stuffed to the brim with remnants of the festivities: plastic cups, leftover pizza, and gift baskets galore. I did not yet know how well we had done, but I knew that this was the Best Auction Ever. Later we found out we raised over $34,000 for the students and alumni of William & Mary Law School, more than we ever have in our recorded history!

I can’t wait to see you there next year!