A 3L’s Williamsburg Experience

Zac is a 3L at William & Mary Law School.  He has a B.S. in Physics from Tufts loudenUniversity. Zac worked at a pharmaceuticals company before coming to law school. After graduating this May, he will begin his career in Washington, D.C.

As a current 3L at William & Mary Law School, I first moved to Williamsburg in August of 2010. I quickly learned that Williamsburg has its quirks. For example, a man dressed in traditional colonial garb is perfectly suited for Colonial Williamsburg. However, that same man is ever so slightly out of place when dining at a local restaurant, pumping gas, or picking up a carton of milk at the grocery store.

I may have noticed Williamsburg’s quirks rather quickly, but it has taken me a full two-and-a-half years to appreciate the town’s other offerings. The first thing that comes to mind is my apartment. I came to William & Mary Law School with my dog in tow, so I knew I needed off-campus housing. Williamsburg, being a college town, has a housing option for every situation. Students can live in the Gradplex (on-campus housing offered by William & Mary), apartment complexes, townhomes, and even single-family homes. All of these housing options are within walking distance. I found a perfect single-family home with a fenced-in backyard from which I can bike to school through Colonial Williamsburg. I will be very disappointed to leave what has become my home when I move to Washington, D.C., in the fall.

Another great feature of Williamsburg is the food. For being such a small town, Williamsburg offers nearly every type of cuisine imaginable. I can be eating Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Korean, BBQ, sushi, or steak after just a five-minute drive from my apartment. My fiancée and I enjoy the local BBQ joint so much that we have decided to have them cater our wedding. I should also note that my friends love the local KFC buffet.  I had never even heard of a KFC buffet before moving to Williamsburg, but now no other KFC franchise will ever compare.

Lastly, Williamsburg has plenty to offer in terms of recreational activities. My fiancée and I love to kayak, bike, bowl, and watch movies at the local Movie Tavern, which is an amazing establishment that crosses a movie theater with bar fare. Williamsburg also has a decent nightlife that focuses on several neighborhood bars. For me, Williamsburg is the perfect blend of city and country.