Discover Law

by Elizabeth Cavallari

On Tuesday, February 12, William & Mary Law School partnered with Hampton University to hold a Discover Law event on Hampton’s campus. The event in conjunction with was targeted at undergraduate students to prepare them early on for success in the law school admission process and expose them to diversity within the legal field.


Prior to the event, Yvonne Baker (W&M JD Class of 2014 and Hampton Class of 2011) and Dean Faye Shealy recorded interviews for Hampton’s television show, The View from Hampton U to discuss the program, William & Mary Law School, the law school admissions process, and Yvonne’s own experiences at both institutions.


More than 85 students, ranging from freshmen to seniors, attended the Discover Law Event.  There was standing room only throughout the program, and we were excited about the great attendance and interest in a legal education!


The Discover Law event began with an introduction from Prof. Sylvia Rose, JD, a current Hampton faculty member, about her legal career and various jobs where she used her legal education.


Dean Rhianna Shabsin and I then presented about what is, and our guide to the law school admissions process.  We shared our tips and advice for students, no matter what class year, on how to get on track in applying to law school. We stressed the importance of a strong academic record and making the most of their college experience academically.


Eric Claville, Interim Assistant Dean and Pre-Law Advisor at Hampton shared his Straight F’s for Success, his guide to being successful in law school, with many tips relatable to the undergraduate students in attendance.


Lastly, we had five current law students share their experiences on applying to law school, choosing the right school for them, their involvement in the William & Mary community academically and socially.


The Discover Law event was fantastic.  It was a wonderful way to connect with undergraduate students and share about the legal profession, what they can gain from a legal education, and how to go about preparing and applying for law school.  The attendance was superb, and we are excited for this to be a yearly event.


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