Virginia is for Lovers: Part II

by Faye Shealy

We often speak of the special community at William & Mary and the fact that we like each other…actually love each other.

My happy admission stories include the role of matchmaker, in this case with William Leslie (Les) Boswell ’07 and Jennie Cordis Boswell ’08.

Les Boswell transferred to William & Mary Law School and was a 2L student in the 1L Constitutional Law class.  He quickly noticed the tall and beautiful student two rows in front of him.  He tells us that she kept wondering why the heck the 2L student with the accent was taking Con Law.

As happens here, they had many mutual friends and saw each other at Law School functions over the course of the year.  It was during the Public Service Fund “Singer/Songwriter” event in February 2007 that they spent time talking.  Their first date followed and they have been a “law school couple” since.

thumbs up

They were married in Williamsburg on April 4, 2009.  They landed positions in Charlotte and maintain strong ties to the Law School. Jennie is an associate with McGuireWoods and Les is an in-house attorney with Electrolux.  They are members of the Dean’s Council, and Les currently serves on the William & Mary Law School Association Board of Directors.

Jennie and Les have shared that William & Mary has a very special meaning for them.  “Not only were we able to get a quality legal education, but we found each other and made many great friendships along the way.”


The recent exciting news from these two that found “Virginia is for Lovers” is they are expecting their first child this month.  We are ecstatic about this addition  – a prospective member of  the Class of 2035!