Law Students on Stage

by Lily Saffer, Class of 2013

The Cast of the The Importance of Being Earnest

While lawyers can definitely be dramatic, I thought that coming to law school meant leaving my acting career behind. Throughout college I had acted in dozens of plays, some of them with a professional company, and I wasn’t sure how I would function in a world where I memorized cases instead of lines, and spent long nights in the library instead of in tech rehearsal.

But within weeks of arriving I found several like-minded individuals who missed the world of theater, and still wanted it to be a part of their lives. In the spring of our 1L year, my classmates Alexa Roggenkamp, Emily Benz, Ali Rabe, and I founded the student theater group Law Revue. Its mission was to put on shows with low-stress rehearsal processes, performed for free for the law school community. Our motto? “There is no better preparation for the courtroom than the stage!”

Throughout the past two years, our little organization has grown and gained much more acceptance in the community. Our first show was a series of courtroom scenes in, you guessed it, the courtroom. Next we did The Complete Wrks of Wllm Shkspr in the lobby, then co-sponsored a production of The Vagina Monologues with the Women’s Law Society.

Earlier this month we put on our most ambitious and successful production yet, The Importance of Being Earnest, also performed in the lobby. It is so wonderful to see the passion of our law school actors and technicians, some of whom have worked in the business for years and others who are new to the field, who devote so much of their limited time to our productions. But even more meaningful has been the accomodation of the administration and the support of our fellow students, who not only come out in droves for our productions, but also donate money and help us clean up afterwards.

Many of us thought that this three-year gap between the stage and the courtroom would be a time of sadly missing performance. But thanks to Law Revue, we are able to continue with our passion, and share it with our new and welcoming community.