Supreme Court Preview 2012

by Anthony Glosson, Class of 2015

Anthony Glosson- Class of 2015 IBRL Fellow

Anthony Glosson- Class of 2015 IBRL Fellow

I had a great time working with the Institute for Bill of Rights Law on the 2012 Supreme Court Preview. The speakers are among the very best in their respective fields, and they come from a variety of perspectives, making panel discussions very interesting. I feel much better apprised of many of the recent and current issues before the Supreme Court.  See the speakers that attended the event.

I particularly enjoyed hearing from Walter Dellinger of O’Melveny & Myers on, among other things, judicial politics. One of the lunchtime breakout sessions involved an excellent panel discussion between participants with quite a bit of expertise, and Mr. Dellinger was no exception — as a former United States Solicitor General, and recently, the lead attorney prevailing on behalf of the defendant in United States v. Antoine Jones in a politically electrifying Supreme Court case involving the Fourth Amendment and GPS tracking technology, Mr. Dellinger has a keen sense of the intersection of law and politics. He brought that knowledge to the table during the panel discussion, adding a unique dynamic to the conversation.

The discussion during the Q&A session afterward provided a great opportunity to hear Mr. Dellinger, along with his co-panelists, game out several fascinating scenarios regarding the results of the 2012 presidential election and possible Supreme Court Justice retirements.”

The event provided me with some really good opportunities to begin to network with those in the legal field. It is exciting to meet people whose work I’ve followed, and to find them very approachable and willing to talk about their work with a 1L student!

I can speak from the perspective of both an IBRL organizer and an interested attendee when I say that the Supreme Court Preview was a fantastic experience — one I suspect just about anyone interested in law would greatly enjoy!