Food and a Flick

by Elizabeth Cavallari

Movie Tavern on High Street

One of my favorite places in Williamsburg is Movie Tavern. It’s the best of a movie theater and a restaurant, combining dinner and a movie to a one-stop shop. Ticket prices are less expensive than other movie theaters, particularly with a student discount.

Their menu ranges from traditional movie food, like popcorn and candy, to burgers, pizza, salads, and beer and wine. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, they even show movies at 9 am paired with pancakes and other breakfast foods.

The theaters themselves have big, comfy office chairs in lieu of the traditional movie theater seat, and the chairs pull up to a back-lit table where food and drinks are delivered right to your seats. Movie Tavern is a great place for a night out or a morning movie to start the day.

Check out Movie Tavern next time you’re in Williamsburg!