Meet a Member of the Class of 2015!

by Guest Blogger Brian Focarino

Brian FocarinoMy name’s Brian Focarino, I’m 23 years old and originally from Fairfax Station, Virginia. These days, though, you’ll find me living in Edinburgh, Scotland, where I’m penning this post. I’m a graduate student of English linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, and when I’m not in lectures or abusing cheap airfare to visit friends around Europe, I work as a researcher and intern in the Scottish Parliament and as a student ambassador to the United States for the British Council.  As of two weeks ago, I’m officially one of the roughly 200 newest members of the William & Mary Law family, and the past two weeks have been a rush of getting used to the idea of being a member of the incoming Class of 2015.

Before coming to Scotland, I was an undergraduate at William & Mary, double majoring in government and linguistics. As you may have guessed from that fact, William & Mary introduced me to the most meaningful people and experiences of my life. I looked seriously at law schools from California to D.C., and from Texas to northern New York, but I knew that wherever I ended up it was important for me to choose a school that not only provided its graduates with powerful credentials in the legal field but more crucially was somewhere I could see myself happiest and the most productive. To be fair, any number of a handful of schools across the country could provide the caliber of legal education that I wanted, but not all of them would ground that education in the values of citizenship, responsibility to others, and community that I was looking for.

I wanted a school where my peers were my friends and my faculty were my mentors and role models, both professionally and personally. I was looking for a school that attracted the best and from all walks of life across the country and the world.  For its ability to supply those things and more in an environment predating any other like it in the country, my search stopped at William & Mary.

There’s a lot to do in the meantime, but I’m excited for August and honored to be a new member of the Class of 2015. Go Tribe!

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