Churning Butter and Reading Case Law

by Guest Blogger Laura Vlieg

1L Laura Vlieg

First Year Student Laura Vlieg

Churning butter and reading case law.  That is what
my friends and I joked about my life becoming when I decided to attend William & Mary Law School in historic Colonial Williamsburg.  While the latter part of that prediction is certainly true, I have yet to churn any butter, play any fifes, or see any revolutionary ghosts walking around; although I must admit, I have tried on a bonnet, and locked a few friends in the stocks.

After having gone to undergrad in Chicago, and working in Washington DC after that, I was a bit hesitant to live in Williamsburg. After living here for 6 months, though, I can honestly say this is a GREAT place to go to law school.

Trying on Bonnets in Colonial WilliamsburgThe proximity of Williamsburg to major cities like Richmond, Norfolk, and even Washington DC makes for an opportunity for plenty of fun weekend trips, and puts us close to several major markets for jobs, internships, and externships.  Yet for any nature lovers, there are also plenty of outdoor activities available in the area; personally, I love kayaking on the Chickahominy River.

As far as the “reading case law” part goes, I have to say it’s not nearly as terrifying as people will lead you to believe.  In my experience at W&M, I immediately found myself among myriad helpful resources: 2Ls and 3Ls, professors, deans- everyone I came across seemed to ask me two things “How are you adjusting?” and “What can I do to help?”  It seems to me that the small class sizes, and intimate setting of the school coupled with the age old Honor System really provide for a tight-knit community that serves as a friendly support network.  In short, if you’re looking for a place that will live up to the law school horror stories everyone hears about cut-throat competitiveness, deceit and trickery among students, and miserable hours in the library with no chance to enjoy a night out with friends, this is not your place!