Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

by Brian Wall

You may have seen the exciting news that William & Mary will host its annual Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China this October.  While Williamsburg is certainly an idyllic location to study law, this conference merely exemplifies the strong international law tradition at William & Mary Law School.  Our graduates and current students work and intern all over the world.  For example, you can find William & Mary alumni and students:

  • Working for big law firms from London and Paris to Sydney and Phnom Penh,
  • Doing humanitarian work for International Bridges to Justice’s main office in Geneva, or going to field offices in Burundi, India, Vietnam, or Zimbabwe,
  • Competing in Moot Court competitions at The Hague,
  • Working at State Department and Consular Offices in Paris, Moscow, and East Timor,
  • Researching and teaching at clinics in Belize and Argentina, and
  • Earning doctoral degrees at Cambridge or studying in Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Auckland, Vienna, Luxembourg, Hong Kong…

Joining William & Mary Law will give you access to a worldwide legal community.  With top professors in all fields of international law and a strong alumni network with a wide range of international experiences, William & Mary can be your gateway to the world!