Matchmaker, Matchmaker

by Faye Shealy

I have blogged for Valentine’s Day in the past and here it comes again.  I keep enjoying the fun and loving stories of how our students meet and develop friendships.  In many cases they find their life’s mate while learning the law.  I remember fondly two late summer admits who are now Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nickel.  Here is their William & Mary Law School admission story.

the nickels

“Nora and I met our first year of law school, but did not begin dating until our second year. During our courtship phase, we spoke about our bumpy paths to William & Mary Law School. I told Nora that Dean Shealy called me as I crossed into South Carolina, traveling to Miami for law school, and offered me admission off the wait list. I told Nora how I immediately turned around and drove to Williamsburg to accept. Nora screamed, “You’re the Florida guy?!?” Nora then told me how she had moved into her apartment in Northern Virginia and was ready to start classes up there when she was contacted by the Law School and offered admission off the wait list. Nora stated that she was unsure about the move, but was inspired by the story Dean Shealy told her about a student who turned around on the highway on the way to Florida and accepted admission the day before. As it turns out, fate truly brought us together at William & Mary! Coming to W&M Law School is one of the best decisions we ever made.  We found each other, made lifelong friendships and received an incredible education.  Who knew fate could be so sweet?”