Williamsburg Winery

lizradby Liz Rademacher, Class of 2016

A lot of people know that Williamsburg is home to some of the best and brightest students in the world. But did you also know that Williamsburg is also home to great wine? And what if I told you that you could try it for free as one of those best and brightest students?

IMG_3091It’s no secret among my friends that I love the Williamsburg Winery, and after a visit, I’m sure you will too. Dating back to the Colonial era, the land that the winery sits on has been cultivated by generations of farmers and tenants, until the first vineyards were planted in 1985. Since then, Virginia’s light climate and hospitable land have helped the winery produce what wine educators have called “some of the best wines in the world.” The winery offers several tours and tastings each day for visitors, and visitors even get an etched wine tasting glass. The best part? With a student ID, William & Mary students can do the wine tasting for free on weekdays.

A few weeks ago, my roommate and I took advantage of this deal and headed to the winery in the afternoon after our classes had ended for the day. We sampled six of the winery’s best wines, ranging in taste and price. Our tasting started with some lighter white wines, like the James River White, a fresh sauvignon blanc, and my roommate’s favorite, the flowery Midsummer Night’s White vidal blanc. Then we moved onto some of the heavier wines, like fruity merlots and full-bodied cabernet francs. To finish, we got a choice between two of the winery’s specialty wines, which include dessert wines (my favorite!), spiced wine, or one of the winery’s reserve wines. And because the wines available to taste change with the seasons, no two visits are ever quite the same.

IMG_3092Free tasting glasses in hand, my roommate and I ended another great visit to the winery by sitting outside at the picturesque picnic tables near the vineyard. When will you take your first free visit?

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