Phi Alpha Delta is Back!

greenby Kelly Green, Class of 2017

America’s oldest law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, has been revived at William & Mary Law School. Phi Alpha Delta (or PAD) provides a mix of fraternal camaraderie and professional benefits. Since the fall, over forty students have joined the George-Wythe Chapter, with membership continuing to increase as word spreads throughout the School.

Part of this growth can be attributed to the national prestige and major networking benefits associated with PAD, but a significant portion is due to successful programming. PAD kicked off its comeback last semester with a bonfire on a chilly Friday night, featuring hot cocoa and s’mores, and continued with a bowling night and a Super-Bowl watch party.

However, Phi Alpha Delta is undoubtedly more than a social organization. This semester, PAD is focusing on academics and alumni relations. Numerous law supplements have been collected in an effort to establish a bookshelf in the library to assist members with their studies. There are also several review sessions planned for first-year students looking to solidify their understanding of second-semester classes.

By far the most interesting event this semester is initiation at the United States Supreme Court on March 4, 2015. A group of future PAD members will be travelling with the rest of the membership to get initiated in Washington, DC. Members will also go on a private tour of the Capitol and meet several well-connected PAD alumni. The initiation should also feature at a Supreme Court Justice.

All in all, Phi Alpha Delta coming back is an excellent thing for students at William and Mary Law School. It features a uniquely diverse blend of programming and resources that will prove beneficial for students now and in the future.

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